Key lime pie is a delicious, tangy treat that has a distinctive flavor and a bbest color that alludes to its distinctive, tart taste. Locals in the Florida Keys prosper up eating the iconic, namesake dessert, made from the area’s signature limes. The Key West Key Lime Pie Company was started by Jim Brush and his girlfrifinish, Allichild Sloat, through only $1,200 as a roadside pie stand. They inevitably came to be effective sufficient to open a brick and mortar save and earned the title of “Best Pie” by theAmerican Pie Council. However, also after making over a million dollars in sales, they were unable to revolve a profit.

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Key West Key Lime Pie Company on the Profit

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The Key West Key Lime Pie Company type of had been struggling for rather a while as soon as Marcus went to their two locations, quickly spotting a selection of concerns contributing to their lack of success.

The initially point Marcus noticed was that the shop was cluttered via items that weren’t made in house and had actually a low-profit margin. Marcus likewise wanted to taste the award-winning pies and also asked Jim around the ingredients. He was unimpressed as soon as Jim told him it was made with a premade crust, powdered pie filling, and condensed milk.

In the kitchen, employees were bickering about running out of the shrinkwrap. Jim was told they had been running low for weeks and might not have the money to buy even more. Jim yelled at the employees, calling them liars, and also threw a water bottle. One employee, Tami, took charge and ordered the shrinkwrap they required. Marcus shortly realized Tami was a very underpassist and also undervalued employee. She was in charge of ordering supplies, staffing, humale resources, and also dealing with employee worries. Her payinspect was $300 a week.

Marcus decided to visit Key West Key Lime Pie’s second location, Big Pine. Here, Jim’s girlfrifinish, Allison, did a small variety of sales and also all the shipping. However before, the initially place he checked out, Greene Street, was the just location that made the pies.

Jim believed the Big Pine place was vital for organization for shipping objectives. However, the save shed about $25,000 a year. After viewing both places, Marcus let Jim and Alliboy understand that their present service model wasn’t going to job-related. The greatest difficulty was the atrocious recipe. It must be a proprietary recipe utilizing fresh ingredients, not premade crust and also powder. He was willing to make an market of $450,000 for 51% equity to help pay their debt and turn the service around. Jim fought against the deal, but with some insistence from Allison, he ended up taking it.

Marcus led an employee meeting to inform them that he was now in charge and also what changes he was around to make – rather of marketing assets made by other carriers, they were going to focus on their (currently proprietary) pies. It was time to eliminate the small margin generic items. They would no longer offer anypoint that the agency didn’t make. Marcus had actually three brand-new chefs creating a brand-new product that would certainly beat out their old pie in any kind of challenge. Jim tasted the new chef’s developments however was negative around each one. While the other employees were tasting samples, Marcus discovered out Jim made a crust during one-of-a-kind occasions. So why was he utilizing premade crusts on his daily pies?

Marcus likewise made a decision to shut dvery own the Big Pine location. Because it actually lost money for the agency, tright here was no need to keep it around. Jim was upcollection about the loss of manage, however Marcus assured him and also everyone else; this is simply part of turning into something much better.

To upgrade theGreene Street area, Marcus invested over $200,000 on renovations, maximizing the floor setup and bringing the kitchen into customers’ watch. They also built a new seating location, dessert station, and also a beverage bar for the customers. He designed a brand-new modern-day logo and also was confident that tright here was a comprehensive industry for what they were producing. Jim was still unsure about the alters, yet Marcus assured him that as tough as change is, it would certainly all be worth it.

Key West Key Lime Pie Co. after The Profit

Key West Key Lime Pie had a grand also reopening after its renovation. Tright here was most interest in the brand-new organization, and Jim’s opinion turned about. He finally agreed that gaining rid of the non-firm items was the best decision and realized that customers came in just asking for the brand-new essential lime pie.

Tami is happy via her new role in the agency that reflects her duties and also pays to support her family members. Marcus gave her a 25% equity stake in the company given that she was such a valuable ascollection, and her tough work-related deserves to be known.

After the present, Key West Key Lime Pie Company kind of went from shedding $100,000 a year to generating over $100,000 a year.

Today, you deserve to purchase vital lime pie, and other delicious desserts made best in the shop using fresh ingredients. You have the right to additionally buy the sweet treats from theirwebsiteand have actually them shipped directly to you in a couple of days. Thanks to their brand-new recipe, the pies have actually won also more awards. USA Today’s “10 Best” called them ideal pie in Florida, and they have also been pointed out on Food Network’s “Throw Down With Bobby Flay.”

Their success has actually spreview from offering in just one shop to giving wholesale to over 100 facilities throughout the United States. So even if you aren’t in Florida, you deserve to still havea small taste of the Keys.

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