The procedure entry point setdefaultdlldirectories could not be located

I want to install latest variation of Atom (code editor) to my win-7 32 bit computer system. But I face this problem:


How to solve this issue?

You watching: The procedure entry point setdefaultdlldirectories could not be located



On Windows 7 you must downfill and install upday KB2533623 fromthis Microsoft link.

This upday is defined as:

Microsoft has released brand-new API improvements for Windows to helpdevelopers effectively and securely load external libraries. For moreinformation, visit the complying with Microsoft webpages:


Edit: The download has actually disappeared from the above link, however is stilleasily accessible from theMicrosoft Update Catalog : KB2533623.

Edit 2: Microsoft updated Windows 7 KB2533623 settle via some added various other security patches too. Due to the fact that of that the KB number changed and old patch removed from server. New package name is KB4457144. The package deserve to be found inMicrosoft Upday Catalog : KB4457144

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