The president receives a visit from a frumpy old frifinish, gets a guided lesboy in meditation and sits down via "You Are the Universe" co-writer Deepak Chopra.

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The president goes on a journey abroad, reflects off his souvenirs from other people leaders and chats with S.E. Cupp around America"s mistrust of the media.

The president shakes up his inner circle and makes a huge company deal on the golf course, and Dr. Michael Eric Dychild stops by to discuss white privilege in America.

The president dodges inquiries about James Comey, visits his pals in the Land also of Fake Believe and sits down with previous CIA operative Evan McMullin.

The president turns his daily briefings right into a game show and also takes a trip to his hometvery own, and also political satirist Bassem Youssef discusses fleeing persecution in Egypt.

The president finds out who"s a witch and that isn"t, holds auditions for a defense lawyer, and tries an improv scene via "Veep" star Matt Walsh.
The president addresses the push around a horrible virus plaguing Americans, indications crucial executive orders and also sits down with Rolling Stone reporter Matt Taibbi.
The president reacts to what the crooked media is saying around him, meets up with previous mobsters and sits down with "The View" co-hold Happiness Behar.
The president introduces his fun brand-new White House communications director, finds out what the Amerihave the right to civilization think of him and sits down with truth TV star Cafunction Radziwill.
The president addresses pertains to around chaos in the White Housage, hosts a game night for his ideal friends and sits dvery own via political columnist Ana Marie Cox.
The president breaks down who"s being nice and that isn"t, visits his friends in the magical Land of Fake Believe and also sits dvery own with activist DeRay Mckeskid.
The president praises brave acts by excellent Americans in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, visits an etiquette school and also sits dvery own via Our Rdevelopment President Nina Turner.
The president tries to get rid of his tweeter"s block by looking back at some of the finest moments from The President Show.
The president looks earlier on a disastrous week, learns about the impeachment procedure from Rep. Brad Sherguy and sits dvery own via "Veep" executive producer Frank Rich.
The president screams at political pundits on TV, tackles standard training with transsex service members and sits dvery own with veterans advocate Paul Rieckhoff.
The vice president crafts his own executive order, a psychologist tests the president"s psychological fitness, and also Ana Kasparian of "The Young Turks" discusses media and national politics.
The president plays a spooky round of Prez Your Luck, has actually a terrifying enrespond to through the Muellerguy and sits dvery own via "Shrill" author Lindy West.
The president begins to unravel as he plays Six Degrees of Hillary Clinton, takes a pilgrimage to the Land also of Fake Believe and also talks via nuclear tools experienced Joe Cirincione.
The president celebrates the first-ever Christmas (which he created) by coming to be a mall Santa, perdeveloping in a Nativity play and dodging reporter Bebe Neuwirth"s concerns.

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A President Show Documentary: The Fall of Donald Trump - After shedding re-election in 2020, Donald Trump"s (Anthony Atamanuik) life enters a tailspin, and also years later, a documentary crew attempts to track down his whereabouts.