The message store has reached its maximum size outlook 2016

Explore just how to resolve Outlook data record has actually reached the maximum dimension error. See exactly how to deal with ‘Your mailbox has reached its maximum dimension limit at which you cannot send or receive any even more content. Empty your deleted items folder from MS Outlook or delete messages from your mailbox to develop even more space

Outlook File Data has actually Reached the Maximum Size

The factor behind this error is the file size limitation of Outlook PST file. Actually, the Outlook data document has actually a particular data limit to store the information items, for instance, Outlook 2013, 2016 and 2019 PST file has 50 GB size. And, whenever before, PST file has reached the maximum limit, it definitely becomes corrupted. Thus, in this write-up, we are going to display you just how to settle ‘Outlook data record has got to the maximum size limit’ glitch. In a much more clear way, you will certainly discover a quick solution to settle send receive errors in Outlook PST file.

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Archive Old Documents and also Keep Outlook PST Data Compact

If you obtain this concern incredibly first time and also your PST file is still not corrupted, then you can use the inbuilt Archive feature. This alternative lets you relocate old emails in a separate .pst file. This data document have the right to be perceived at any kind of time as soon as essential. Check out the steps just how to archive Outlook information items.

Note: Almethods ensure that the PST file is not corrupted prior to utilizing this method.

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In Outlook 2007

The Microsoft Outlook 2007 PST file has 20 GB of file dimension limit. This size is adequate for the house user. But, for Organizations, this file dimension is not suitable and they generally challenge ‘Outlook data record has actually reached the maximum size’ error. So, if the PST file is not corrupted as a result of oversized, then quickly use the listed below instruction. Otherwise, if it is corrupted, then hand-operated recoincredibly of information is not feasible.

Go to File tab and also select Archive alternative from the list.After that, choose the radio switch corresponding to Archive this folder and also all subfolders. Also, mention a date in package of Archive items older than.

Outlook File Data Archive option

Click on Browse to specify a place for the resultant archive file. Then, click on the OK button.

In Outlook 2010 / 2013 / 2016

Use the following instructions in later versions of Outlook 2007 to archive the data items.

Open the Microsoft Outlook on Windows platcreate.Once it is opened, click File >> Cleanup Tools >> Archive.

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After that, pick the Archive this folder and all subfolders choice.Next off, you must pick the folders that you wish to archive.Manually specify a date under the Archive items older than heading. Click on Browse to administer a new file location and click OK.

Outlook PST Has Reached Maximum Size & Got Corrupted: What We Do Now?

The Outlook data document definitely acquired corrupted due to its large size. And, no user wants to lose its priceless data that saves in Outlook from a lengthy period of time. To get over this situation, Microsoft offers an indeveloped tool that repairs the corrupted PST file, known as Inbox Repair utility. However before, this approach can just solve the basic flaws of the .pst file. Furthermore, it cannot resolve the extremely damaged PST file proficiently.

Apart from this tool, there is no energy gave by Outlook to fix the oversized PST file problem. That is, the indeveloped energy cannot fix ‘Outlook data document has actually reached the maximum size’ concern quickly. To conquer the instance of corrupted PST file, PCVITA designed an Outlook PST Repair tool. It is very advanced software that have the right to fix ANSI and UNICODE corrupted PST file and also convert them right into a healthy and balanced one.

It deeply scans the damaged unsecured or secured PST file and also ptestimonial its information item folder on the software program interchallenge. If you desire to export the reextended file in various file format, then it can be done by the tool. With the aid of this energy, one deserve to conserve the file in MSG, HTML, EML, and PST format. It have the right to be quickly downloaded on Windows Operating system and also assistance all the latest version of Microsoft Outlook. So, whenever, Outlook pops-up ‘Outlook data paper has actually reached the maximum size’ message, take the help of Outlook PST Recoexceptionally tool. After the recoextremely, it maneras the PST file by dividing into small files.