The maximum allowed number of rearms has been exceeded

The difficulty I faced is important and a little bit confusing, initially look this from my perspective and also help me.

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I bought my SONY lapheight through a preset up home windows 7 Home premium edition.

Later legitimately I readjusted my edition to Ultimate edition making use of home windows update to achieve full usability.

It was a real and a correct edition. I took a earlier up of the entire system right into 4 discs.

I gained a requirement and wiped whole harddisk and also re mounted windows from my backup disk.

It was functioning fine and all of a sudden someday it began reflecting copy of windows is not genuine construct 7601, trust me I didn"t do any type of illegal activites on my system.

Now aobtain wiping my system and also reinstalling it will certainly job-related, yet I dont want to do it as it will certainly take lot of my time.

Please help me exactly how can I gain activation from my disk without wiping entire data.

P.S: I adhered to some instruction to run legitexamine.hta but unfortunately it claims some manuscript errors and is not arriving anypoint on display screen.

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Is this error still remaining unfixed? Are you getting any kind of of below error?

Error 1: This maximum enabled variety of rearms has been gone beyond. Well, then let’s comment on just how to solve this error.

1. Open Run from Start food selection or push Windows button + R.

2. Now type: regedit.exe

3. Follow this route now: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE ->Software -> -> WindowsNT -> Current version -> SoftwareProtectionPlatform.

4. Now, look for SkipRearm and also click on modify, then readjust it’s value data from 0 to 1.

5. Restart your computer currently.

Now, follow over procedures closely again and this error must be solved this time. Let’s discuss second instance if you haven’t gained that above error.

Error 2: SLGMR is not well-known as an interior or external command. Well, tright here are multiple reasons because of which this error primarily occurs.

First Reason: Make sure you have actually pastedSLMGR -REARM command appropriately. (Note that tright here is room in between dash and also R).

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2nd Reason: Make certain you have openedCommand also prompt in Administrator mode. (if not, then from start food selection look for Command also Prompt, Right click it and click on Run as Administrator).

Third Reason: Tbelow can be any difficulty through slmgr.vbs file. To solve this error, Open My Computer and also Open C Drive now. Click on Windows folder, look for system32 folder and open up it. Now, look forslmgr.vbs.REMOVEWAT (Or any kind of extension of slmgr.vbs file). Just, rename this file toslmgr.vbs.

Method 2

So below comes second technique to resolve this error. If above error fix didn’t worked for you, then you can provide a shot to this method.

Using Command Prompt:

1. Open Control Panel in your Windows from Start food selection.

2. Click on System & Security.

3. Click on Windows Update.

4. Click on View Installed updates.


5. Now, look for KB971033 update. Right click it.

6. Click on Uninstall.


7. It will display a popup. Sindicate, click Yes.

Method 3

This strategy is based upon RSOP also well-known as Resultant Set of Policy Window.

Using RSOP:

1. First of all, push Windows switch + R from your key-board to open Run.

2. Type rsop.msc and also hit enter button.

3. Now, follow this route simply: Windows Settings > Security Settings >System Services.

4. Now, look for Plug and Play solutions.


5. Right click on it, simply look for Startup and Click on Automatic.

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6. Now, open up Run aobtain by pressing Windows + R or you have the right to open it from Start menu also.