This song is around the bitter sweetness of unrequited love. It recounts that all-too acquainted tale of a love triangle where the girl that Tame Impala mastermind Kevin Parker is pining for has acquired affiliated with another male referred to as Trevor.
According to Kevin Parker, the song "shouldn"t be on a Tame Impala album bereason it has this dorky, white disco funk."
Shot by the Spanish directors Canada (Justice, Phoenix, Scissor Sisters), the video is a technishade pilgrimage. It has actually the high institution star basketround player in love with the pretty cheerleader. However before it flips the generic institution love triangle by having the girl hooked up with the team"s gorilla mascot, who is naturally referred to as "Trevor."Spanish actress Laia Manzanares plays the cheerleader in the clip. She is also well-known for playing the function of Ukrainian student Oksana Casanoves in the Spanish tv series Merlí.

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The song was Tame Impala"s biggest hit of the 2010s, via over 450 million streams on Spotify. "The principle of me making anything that"s proficient 400 million times would certainly be terrifying if it wasn"t music," Parker commented to The Sun.

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Damon Salvatore from Mystic FallsThe ideal method to not get your heart broken is to pretfinish that you don"t have one.Vizz from BrazilActually I check out the video clip via the meaning of a male who"s strugling through his very own confusion about sex/love/desire. The gorilla is choose his sex-related drive taking over his even more comments

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