The video was directed by Beyoncé, Coldplay and Annie Lennox collaborator Sophie Muller. The Kills said: "It was swarm all day and into the night in Los Angeles by our dear friend, the remarkable talent, Sophie Muller. We love this video. We love it bereason it"s f--king fun. Muscle cars and backflips. Palms trees and also cacti. Dogs and also dice. Neon and also sunshine. We hope you love it as much as we perform."
Lyrically, this is a despeprice declaration of loyalty to a lover. It is named after the 1925 Mikhail Bulgakov novel that Mosshart was reading at Hedgebrook.

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Radio Free EuropeR.E.M.

Michael Stipe hadn"t finiburned the lyrics when R.E.M. taped "Radio Free Europe." He calls the vocal "complete babbling."

EnchantedTaylor Swift

A perfume referred to as Wonderstruck was called after a line in Taylor Swift"s song "Enchanted": "I"m wonderstruck, blushing all the way home."

Freeway Of LoveAretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin didn"t drive, however one of her best hits was a automobile song: "Freemethod Of Love."

New York, New YorkFrank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra was 64 once he had his last hit: "New York, New York." The song pegged him to New York City, leaving Las Vegas to Elvis.

Le FreakChic

The men from Chic composed "Le Freak" as a message to a doorguy that wouldn"t let them right into a club. Originally, it was "F--- Off."

We Built This CityStarship

Elton John"s songcomposing partner Bernie Taupin created the original lyrics for Starship"s "We Built This City." It was the initially Hot 100 Top 10 hit Taupin created without John.

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Jesus Thinks You"re a Jerk: Rock vs. TelevangelistsTrack Writing

When televangelists favor Jimmy Swaggart took on rockers like Ozzy Osbourne and also Metallica, the rockers retaliated. Bono could also be seen mocking the preachers.

Christmas SongsFact or Fiction

Rudolf, Bob Dylan and also the Singing Dogs all show up in this Fact or Fiction for seasonal favorites.

Five Rockers Who Rolled With The DevilTrack Writing

Just just how a lot did these monsters of rock dabble in the occult?

Vince ClarkeSongwriter Interviews

An original member of Depeche Setting, Vince went on to develop Erasure and Yaz.

Jimmy JamSongwriter Interviews

The powerhouse producer behind Janet Jackson"s hits talks around his Boyz II Men ballads and also regrouping The Time.

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