The itunes store is temporarily unavailable

itunes says "store is temporarily unavailable. please attempt again" yet then I log in as my wife, and it functions. why?

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Hello pzado

Check out the write-up below to ensure every little thing is set right on your computer to accessibility the iTunes Store.

Can"t attach to the iTunes Store

Thanks for utilizing Support Communities.

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-Norm G.

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I am additionally unable to authorize in to the iTunes save through the iTunes player.

I have actually shut down my firewall, deleted and remounted my firewall software application, updated windows, checked that the computer clock is accurate, updated itunes, deleted and also re-installed itunes, fluburned DNS, netsh winsock recollection, checked all ports, made sure incoming relationships from itunes are allowed AND updated my itunes payment details digital yet I still cannot sign into the save.

iTunes customer support has actually now advised me to contact technological support and likewise advised me that there may be a fee linked with the speak to.

If anyone has a far better principle than simply giving up and downloading and install from Amazon, I"d like to hear it...

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Sep 18, 2013 9:52 AM

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Sep 24, 2013 12:40 AM in response to Community User In response to Community User

Ive done all of the over, been looped right into doing the very same things as you over and also over, spoke to support, still no success. I"m on the verge of throwing my phones, I"ve passist for iTunes Match and can"t usage it from my COMPUTER now.

My trouble initially started with a "can"t purchase from US store" ??? I"m in Australia, just how did it attach me to US store? Couldnt affix from iPhone or COMPUTER, currently it functions from iPhone, but not COMPUTER, exact same iTunes Store is temporarily unobtainable message.

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Sep 24, 2013 12:40 AM

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Oct 8, 2013 4:57 AM in response to LadyBytes In response to LadyBytes

Hi All,

I"ve done all the over as well and also I additionally contacted technological assistance by phone. The only advise I gained was to uninstall iTunes, restart my computer and also reinstall iTunes. I did that and also guess what? It didn"t adjust anypoint. Maybe if this thread grows and reaches 100 posts, will certainly think about this extremely anoying problem. And for completeness, I"m running iTunes on a Windows 8 computer system. The funny part is that I can log in via an old iTunes account and also it works... the problem is that my iPhone is already connected making use of the account that doesn"t work-related with iTunes. Note additionally that this account works with my iPhone so I can downfill apps by means of App Store on my phone. Seems that my computer system, my account, my internet link and also my phone works fine.

A quick answer would certainly be appreciated.


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Oct 8, 2013 4:57 AM

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Oct 8, 2013 1:18 PM in response to deepfriedturcrucial In response to deepfriedturvital

Hi deepfriedturkey

I inevitably found a fix for my trouble of the same error message (with a tiny adjustment of my own). I can"t say it will certainly fix your difficulty as it seems be be different for everyone, however lets hope.

The full conversation is here

Basically I make a backup copy of the adhering to folder and deleted EVERYTHING in it

I deleted EVERYTHING under ComputeriTunes

or ComputeriTunes

Some world have had success just deleting whatever in the cookies folder ComputeriTunesCookies

Good luck.

My problem was specific to my login profile, if I logged on under an additional name the trouble didn"t exist, so I kbrand-new it was local to my machine (specifically my profile). Seems to me that the uninstall procedure of itunes requirements to clean up more than it does.

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Oct 8, 2013 1:18 PM

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Oct 8, 2013 10:43 PM in response to LadyBytes In response to LadyBytes

Hi LadyBytes,

What an excellent surpincrease at 7AM! Just tried your suggested deal with and also it functions :-) I deserve to now log in via the username that didn"t occupational.

Thanks you extremely much,

deepfriedturcrucial (and also for the story, I tasted my first deep fried turcrucial last year in Albuquerque and also cannot wait till the next one :-)

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Oct 8, 2013 10:43 PM

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Oct 9, 2013 5:57 AM in response to deepfriedturkey In response to deepfriedturvital

Uncertain if this will certainly aid anyone however I had the very same problem through the message always coming up as soon as I tried to login: "We can not finish your iTunes Store research. The iTunes Store is temporarily unaccessible. Please try aacquire later on."

What I couldn"t understand was that I might log into iTunes online, but not via the iTunes application, becoming incredibly frustrated I visited drastic measures to gain whatever functioning aacquire - although I discovered this write-up after I had actually success.

To add to the issue, my iPhone (4S - iOS7) was visible on iTunes (latest version), but some of my apps had actually fairesulted in sync (showing grey on my iPhone and also being unable to delete them), resulting in additionally concerns and including to my frustrations....which attributed to the drastic steps posted listed below.

(You may desire to attempt complying with the above articles prior to following my method)


**** assistance gave me via an e-mail containing many kind of web links, every one of which didn"t really aid me, yet I"ll post anymethod, simply insituation they assist someone else:

"Dear Luke,

Thank you for creating to iTunes Store Customer Support, my name is Indra and also I"ll be assisting to you through your issue.

See more: Display Screen Resolution Changes By Itself, Screen Resolution Keeps Changing In Windows 10

I understand also that you are unable to login to your iTunes save account and also getting message that the iTunes Store is temporarily unaccessible. I have the right to imagine you must be eager to accessibility your account and also I will carry out my finest to settle this concern.

Luke, as an advisor for the iTunes Store, I manage worries concerned billing, downloading and install, customer accounts, and also the items accessible on the iTunes Store. Although your question falls exterior of my area of specialty, I will be happy to help you with refixing your issue.

I have actually showed that the iTunes Store is functioning and also accepting relationships. The concern might have actually been short-term, pertained to your internet connection, your neighborhood netoccupational, or your computer system itself. If you’re still unable to attach, this short article outlines some potential solutions:

Can"t affix to the iTunes Store

These write-ups have helped various other Windows customers deal with link issues:

iTunes for Windows: iTunes Store link troubleshooting

iTunes for Windows: Could not develop a secure connection to the iTunes Store

iTunes for Windows: can"t accessibility the Net if proxy settings are incorrect

iTunes: Troubleshooting defense software program issues

Firewall, virus-defense, and also web-acceleration software program can proccasion you from connecting to the iTunes Store. You might not be able to affix also if the software program appears to be configured to enable full access to the iTunes Store. You can use the MSCONFIG utility to identify if software application on your computer is avoiding access to the iTunes Store. For thorough instructions, please refer to the complying with article:

Using Msconfig to troubleshoot disputes in Windows Vista and Windows 7

If the short articles over don"t help you connect to the iTunes Store, I indicate testing to view if this worry occurs while you are signed in to a new user account on your computer. To learn just how to develop a brand-new user account in your version of Windows, please read the short article listed below for your operating system:

How to create and also connumber user accounts in Windows XP

Windows Vista: Create a user account

Windows 7: Create a user account

Windows 8: Create a user account

Once you are signed in to this new user account, open iTunes and also try to connect to the iTunes Store. If you have the right to affix without error, then you’ve established that the problem is with the previous user account that you were making use of. You might want to consider adopting this brand-new account as your user account and also carrying your papers from the old account to your new one.

If you require even more assistance, you might wish to contact our jiyuushikan.orgCare technological assistance team. A technological Advisor will have the ability to tell you around"s cost-free and also fee-based assistance choices and also aid you in determining what choice can be the majority of beneficial in this situation. To uncover the proper phone number, please visit:

Contacting for assistance and service

I hope that the information offered over is helpful.

Thank you for contacting us and have a nice day!


iTunes Store Customer Support"


But if the above doesn"t job-related for you then you deserve to follow my the end, I perfomed the complying with actions which did work:

1). Unmounted iTunes from my computer (by means of Control Panel > Programs & Features)

2). Located the iTunes folder containing media, Previous Libraries and so on (normally situated under your Music folder) and also simply moved it to my desktop. (can"t afford to delete)

3). Downloaded iTunes.

4). Plugged my iPhone right into my lapheight and moved all contents throughout to my desktop (photo"s).

5). Restored my iPhone erasing ALL data (excessive but despeprice procedures were required) - you might desire to ago it up, yet I personally didn"t have actually anypoint that I couldn"t afford to loose on it.

6). Set-up my iPhone (set language and so on..) consisting of iCloud, yet did not plug it right into my lapheight.

7). Chose the complying with iPhone settings>

> iCloud - Contacts turned off

> Mail, Contacts, Calendars - iCloud Contacts turned off (same end result)

> iTunes & App Store - made sure I was logged in via ID.

7). Closed Outlook.

8). Re-set up iTunes, conserving it on the C:> default area.

See more: Why Does My Mouse Not Working In Word Document, Mouse Is Not Working In Word

9). Followed the normal iTunes install prompts, establishing it up as brand-new. (making sure I had actually NO apps or music - clean slate)

10). Plugged my iPhone into my lapheight, waiting for it to appear as it commonly does.

11). Checked for iOS updates and iTunes updays (all good)

12). Checked Sync Contacts via Outlook (opening Outlook at the same time) - Calendars I left to the iCloud

13). APPLY....once sync lastly completed (this time SUCCESSFUL) I had the ability to click iTunes Store and LOG IN.....finally!

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------

I probably didn"t need to perdevelop all 13 procedures, however that"s specifically what I did to get everything working again!

Tright here is most likely someone out there that will certainly have the ability to explain why I couldn"t login to iTunes, why many type of of my apps didn"t fill onto my iPhone correctly, why whatever failed to sync and more than likely able to shorten the over 13 steps to a quick solve.... yet for now, everything is finally functioning and also my 48hrs of frustration has actually pertained to an stress complimentary end!