Comedian W. Kamau Bell is checked out this undated handout photo. Bell will be taking part in a panel discussion throughout Montreal"s Just for Laughs Festival adhering to the screening of the "Spark of Madness‚" episode of CNN original series ‚ "The History of Comedy." THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-CNN-John Nowak

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Standup is the ultimate high-wire act for comedians as they balance the thrills and fears of live performance, yet the roller-coaster of emotions doesn’t slow-moving down when they action off phase, states Amerihave the right to comic W. Kamau Bell


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“A lot of times after a display — if it goes well, particularly — you have all this added power you’re trying to figure out what to do through it…. Wbelow carry out you deposit every one of that great feeling, or where do you deposit every one of that bad feeling?” states the Emmy-nominated organize of the CNN

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"The History of Comedy" explores minds and personal battles of comedians Back to video


docu-series “United Shades of America.”

“Everybody else leaves the comedy club, and the comics are still geeked about the show — whether it was good or bad…. It’s not that I have the right to say I’ve cracked the code. Sometimes, I put that energy into as well much ice cream,” he adds, laughing. “That’s not necessarily good either.”

Bell is participating in a panel conversation at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montactual on Thursday around the minds of comedians. The conversation will follow a unique screening of the “Spark of Madness” episode of the CNN docu-series “The History of Comedy.”


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“We’ll never truly explain wright here someone’s comedy comes from, but at least we have the right to assist illuminate why a comedian was as funny as they were,” says series executive producer Mark Herzog, who will likewise be a component of the panel.

Airing Sunday on CNN, “Spark of Madness” looks back to the 1960s as a “sea change” for comedy, when neuroses were being included into routines. It highlights the emergence of comedy legends choose the late Rictough Pryor, Jonathan Winters and Robin Williams.

The episode additionally functions comedians choose Maria Bamford, Ricdifficult Lewis, Patton Oswalt and also Sarah Silvermale speaking candidly about mental health and also exactly how they’ve channelled their own individual struggles into entertaining audiences.

“There’s something endemic to comedy where your highs are super high and your lows are super low because it all counts on the attention of other human being,” states Bell, that will certainly be percreating in Montreal with Saturday at La Chapelle theatre.


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“Spark of Madness” offers a glimpse at the darker side of some of the comedy world’s brightest lights, looking at stars that have actually surrendered to addiction.

“All performers and artists acquire an injection of endorphins from having an audience respond to their music or the play that they’re in, or their comedy,” states Herzog.

“I think that’s why most creative artists have actually found themselves battling addictions, because maybe they’ve been drinking as well much after a show — but that’s not simply (limited to) comedy.”

The untypical functioning hours for comedians and the emotional highs and also lows of life on and away from the phase can take its toll, which is why Bell emphasizes the importance of self-care.

“We’re up late, our tasks are at night, we obtain to stay up late, and we have actually free access to booze most of the moment. We’re always at the party,” he states. “People concerned the comedy club probably when or twice a year. Comedians are always at the comedy club.

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“It’s a consistent evolution of exactly how you resolve this stuff. You need to understand people you deserve to contact,” he included. “You need to have actually that perchild who will certainly take a 3 a.m. call…. Thank you to the civilization who invented streaming movies virtual.

“I’m married and also I have actually two daughters, and I don’t execute anything that jeopardizes any type of of that. But it’s not a code that I’ve cracked, or I understand that anyone else has cracked either.”