The initially strands of DNA were oboffered via which microscope? tunneling microscope straightforward microscope compound light microscope electron microscope

Technically, X-ray crystallography, which is choose an unfocused electron microscope, was initially supplied to view DNA structure. Scientists today usage even more sleek electron microscopes for researching DNA and its structure


The electron microscope is a sort of microscope that uses a beam of electrons to produce a picture of the specimales. It is acceptable of important one-of-a-kind magnifications and also has a greater readdressing power than a light microscope, providing it to see a lot smaller objects in precise detail.

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Each strand also of s DNA molecule consists of nitrogenous bases that pair through other nitrogenous bases in incredibly particular methods. A diagram of a section of DNA is presented. DNDA Strand also 3' _|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|___|_ 5' T G T A G C T G C G C G T Which DNA strand is complementary to the one presented above?

Which of the following build(s) new strands of DNA? View Available Hint(s) Which of the adhering to build(s) new strands of DNA? The beginnings of replication The lagging strand The leading strand also DNA polymerases Parental DNA

The koala is an animal indigenous to Australia. In spite of the well-known name, koala bear, they aren't bears, but marsupials prefer kangaroos, that store their newborns in a stomach pouch.They have developed very differently than other marsupials, in part because they spfinish the majority of of their lives in the eucalyptus trees that serve as their main resource of food. What adaptation helps them lead this tree bound life?A)The usage of pouches to host koala newborns.B)Grey fur that keeps them concealed from predators.C)Hands, feet, and also claws that are perfect for gripping branches.D)Distinct calls they usage to communicate potential danger to one another.
Compare and also comparison light microscopes, scanning electron microscopes, and also transmission electron microscopes. Sort each statement right into the correct box. Some statements may apply to more than one kind of microscopic lense. Some statements may not be provided. Use a beam of electrons to produce amplified images included to Scanning Electron MicroscopesUse a beam of electrons to produce enhanced images Can be supplied to research living cells and tissues Can be used to research DNA Light microscopes Use a beam of light to produce amplified imagesCan be supplied to examine cells Scanning Electron Microscopes Can be provided to examine cellsCan be offered to research DNAUse a beam of electrons to develop amplified imperiods Transmission Electron Microscopes Can be provided to study cells
Which instance is a result of crossing-over during meiosis?AGenes are copied exactly, ensuring that offspring will bethe same to the parental fees.BChromatids thicken and align themselves, helping to ensurehereditary continuity.сGenes are rearranged, raising the varicapacity of offspring.DChromatids fail to sort independently, developing abnormalchromosome numbers.
Although we have actually questioned single-slit diffraction only for a slit, a similar result holds once light bends approximately a directly, thin object, such as a strand of hair. In that case, is the width of the strand. From actual laboratory dimensions on a human hair, it was discovered that once a beam of light of wavelength 632.8 nm was shone on a single strand also of hair, and the diffracted light was regarded on a display screen 1.25 m ameans, the initially dark fringes on either side of the main bideal spot were 5.22 cm acomponent.How thick was this strand of hair???a= Mm?
Tbelow are numerous different forms of microscopes. Can you complement the scope with the correct description?A microscopic lense that has actually lower magnifying power yet can provide 3-dimensional viewing of objects. A microscopic lense which magnifies from magnification ranging from 20X to about 30,000X and provides a 3-dimensional see of the specimales. A scope constructed of 2 systems of lenses for better magnification (an objective and also an ocular: eye piece). The most advantageous magnification of a compound microscopic lense is around 1000x. Designed for examining cells and tiny slices of microorganisms prefer viroffers.Scanning electron microscopeCompound light microscopeTransmission electron microscopeStereoscope (dissecting microscope)
5. The DNA scans of three frogs are displayed below. The highlighted bands identify the skin shade, eye shade, and whether the frogs have spots or not. Which codondetermines skin color?20A Bands 2-4B. Bands 7-9C. Bands 18-20D. Cannot be determined
Thinking around the pets that live in the intertidal zone, what are two features of these animals that help them make it through in this environment?
Oak Trees drop their leaves each loss and also prosper new loaves each spring within an oak tree population, tbelow deserve to be variation in as soon as the new leaves sprout What advantage to the oak trees have actually bysprouting leaves the soonest?They can recreate even more easily.B They obtain the a lot of sunlightc They have the right to save even more water.D. They deserve to grow deeper roots
The ____ stores the waste till it is all set to be expelled from the body. A. Urinary bladder B. Ureter C. Urethra
Which statement is true about recessive traits?Recessive traits have the right to just be expressed via recessive alleles. Recessive traits have the right to only be expressed with dominant alleles. Recessive traits deserve to be expressed via a mix of recessive and dominant alleles. Recessive traits are never expressed.

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Which of the following represents a potential threat to biodiversity

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Which of the complying with examples poses the greatest potential risk to an ecosystem’s biodiversity? A. Abandoned farmland is allowed to go fpermit and also starts to fill in via weeds, shrubs, and also saplings. B. A nonindigenous species of bee is presented to prey on the introduced species of fire ants in the Southern United States. C. A monosociety of fir trees is planted on land that was once clear cut from deforestation. D. The trapping and relocating of wolves poses a hazard as they move into areas of high human population.
The atoms and also molecules that consist of substances are always in activity. What happens when heat or thermal energy is added to a substance?the pposts relocate fasterthe pwrite-up movement doesn't changethe particles relocate slowerthe pwrite-ups speak moving


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