Recap:Natalie admonishes Tootie for selecting Oedipus Rex to be Eastland"s next play and also calls it "bizarre and sick". She comlevels that she"s not going to be able to come up through a slogan that"s uplifting sufficient to sell tickets - so Jo interjects and states she knows how to acquire civilization to attend the play, yet refoffers to divulge any details. Mrs. Garrett enters the cafeteria wheeling in 2 big suitcases, and also is followed by a blonde girl wearing an elaborate hat. Beverly Hills, 90210 episodes.> Mrs. Garrett introduces her as Alexandra, and tells the Facts gals that she"ll be bunking with them (in their already crowded bedroom) till she gets her permanent dorm assignment. Blair stares at Alexandra for a couple of secs, claims she looks acquainted, then realizes that she newly experienced her photograph in Tvery own & Country magazine as she was playing tennis in Nice. Alexandra breezily states she had been practicing her backhand via Bjorn at the time - and also everyone"s all, "Wha-a? You recognize Bjorn Borg?!" Blair tells the gals that Alexandra is the daughter of Italian Prince Frederico and also Princess Julie - but then tries to downplay her mother"s royal status by cackling about exactly how "Princess Julie" supplied to be an airline stewardess prior to she married a prince. She invokes Princess Diana and also passive-aggressively gushes, "Now there"s a real princess!" and also Alexandra shoots earlier by saying how a lot she wimelted she can have watched Di"s wedding on TV and not been stuck inside the crowded church, watching it in person. And then being forced by daddy to attend the reception at Buckingham Palace after that.Blair"s jaw drops to the floor as she stutters, "Buck-buck...

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you were at Buckingham Palace?!" and looks miffed that she"s around to shed her title of Best Connected Privileged Human at Eastland also. Jo asks Alexandra if she"d favor to attfinish the school"s upcoming play, and Alexandra says that her family members will certainly more than likely buy a couple of rows" worth of tickets...but not actually attend "cause they do not much favor visiting her in boarding institutions. That seems favor a pointmuch less gesture in what is more than likely a tiny college auditorium through limited seating. Mrs. Garrett asks the girls to show Alexandra to their bedroom, then reminds them that it"s time to put up the cafeteria for lunch. Blair stubbornly glares into area and also refoffers to aid Alexandra tote her suitsituations upstairs. Natalie chides her for her "tude and states that considering that there"s an actual princess in their midst, there"s a brand-new hierarchy...which suggests she"s no much longer Eastland"s "substantial bird".

Jo tosses a sleeping bag on the floor of their dorm room and also tells Alexandra she have the right to sleep on that...and once Alexandra looks much less than thrilled via her sleeping accommodations, Natalie provides up her bed, which Alexandra gratecompletely accepts. She tells Jo and also Natalie that she"s been kicked out of miscellaneous boarding institutions "cause of "stuff" she did...and also Jo is shocked at that bad-ass track document. Blair enters the room to tell the Facts gals that she demands their help establishing up for lunch - and Alexandra is all, "Wha-a? You work?" and also asks why Eastland does not have actually "people" to perdevelop the daily kitchen duties. I would wonder that myself if we didn"t currently understand that this "never before finishing debt repayment" storyline was a contrived plot gadget to save these 4 students under the very same roof till graduation...and also then waaaaaay also much beyond that.Natalie brags to Mrs. Garrett and the gals around how a genuine live princess is napping in her bed, then remarks on just how Alexandra turned dvery own lunch "cause she wasn"t hungry. In the next scene, we see that Alexandra is upstairs chowing down on a sandwich and also chit-chatting via her dork frifinish Greg who have to have crawled in with the window. Greg complains that his paleas have actually stuck him in a horrible armed forces academy that feels like a jail (must be the nearby Stone Military Academy that made a pair of failed attempts to develop a spin-off show). He tells Alexandra he desires to break-up asap and also urges her to flee through him, but she points out that she literally just obtained to Eastland and wanted to examine it out for much longer than fifty percent a day. Greg dismissively tells her that boarding colleges are all the exact same, and she ponders that logic and also smilingly says, "Well, I am still packed." As the two share a conspiratorial hug, Tootie enters the room and also goes apeshit around a boy being in their dorm room. She screeches, "He can not be here! We have rules!" so Greg puts his coat on, hightails it toward the home window, and also tells Alexandra he"ll be at the bus station at midnight. Tootie implores Alexandra to remain put, not least "cause her paleas will be extremely worried if she just disappeared. Alexandra poutishly states she"s run away from a lot of colleges, and also it usually takes weeks before her negligent parental fees alert she"s gone. Tootie tells her that Eastland is a super awesome location, and also that there"s no shortage of fun and female bonding that would await her if she opts to stay. Alexandra stares blankly right into area as she mulls over the prospect of not running away.

As Alexandra trails after Tootie to the kitchen, Tootie suggests they acquire her a school unicreate so she"ll feel more at house at Eastland also - yet Alexandra says she"d favor to wait till tomorrow (after she"s lengthy gone). Mrs. Garrett bounds right into the kitchen to announce an interesting surprise: she just gained a message that Prince Frederico and also Princess Julie will be gracing Eastland with their royal presence to take their daughter to dinner! Alexandra"s all, "Wha-a-a-a?!" and also happily decides she"d love to wear a school uniform for the occasion, then asks Mrs. Garrett if she knows of any kind of out-of-the-way type restaurants her parents can dine in and not be bothered by peskies commoners. Blair interjects and also says that her mommy uncover the regional nation club "rather adequate" - but Alexandra counters, "Daddy wouldn"t. He"s a snob about institutional food." Mrs. Garrett argues "Chez Edna" (definition the worn down old cafeteria set) and also offers to whip somepoint up for the visiting royals prior to shrieking, "I"ve learned the art of haute cuisine!" Easy there, Edna. Try to play it at least a little cool. Alexandra likes the sound of a residence cooked meal and invites Edna and the gals to dine with her and also and also her high profile parents.The Facts gals put together a fancy table setting...and also by elaborate, I expect they"re utilizing egg holders as finger bowls and hope to hell that the royals don"t notification.Blair laughs at the hilarity of Jo Polniaczek rubbing elbows through aristocracy,and Jo shoots her the stink-eye and also warns her not to snicker at her Bronx style table etiquette in front of the company. Alexandra enters the room wearing a freshly pressed Eastland also unidevelop just as a Rolls Royce pulls up exterior. Mrs. Garrett nervously orders the Facts gals to start bowing and also scraping (which they actually start doing, and also it was a tad disturbing to watch), then rushes over to the entrance to curtsy before the prince and also princess. She"s confused when an attrenergetic guy saunters in - and Alexandra squeals happily and also introduces him as Alphonso, her parents" all-objective Italian manservant. Alphonso defines that the prince and also princess had to cancel "reason they were invited to the White Housage at the last minute. Alexandra hangs her head in disappointment, while Mrs. Garrett shoots Alphonso a come hither stare and also invites him to sign up with her and also the girls for dinner...and is delighted once he"s as well polite to decline and also beat a hasty retreat.

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Late that night, Alexandra alters earlier into her continual apparel and also tiptoes out of the bedroom. Tootie sees her leave and scrambles out of bed to follow her, accidentally stepping on Natalie and her sleeping bag. Tootie tells her that Alexandra is about to make a break for it...and the two rush out to put a sheight to the princess"s escape attempt. The comactivity wakes Blair and Jo, who all of a sudden decides she"s hungry for the leftover mousse and heads dvery own to the kitchen.Downstairs, Alexandra announces to Natalie and also Tootie that she"s leaving...and also Tootie tells her she can"t store running ameans from every boarding institution she gets enrolled in. Alexandra suggests that she can actually, and pouts around just how her paleas plainly do not give much of a rat"s ass about her. Mrs. Garrett stumbles into the room complaining of a stomach ache, "cause apparently she scarfed down all the mousse and has made herself sick. She scrunches her face in confusion and also asks Alexandra why she"s wearing her street clothes, so Jo defines that Alexandra is choose she was once she initially came down on Eastland: constantly running amethod from everything. Tootie tattles about Alexandra"s background of running amethod from boarding schools, so Alexandra sadly explains that she simply wants to be somelocation wbelow she feels choose she belongs. Mrs. Garrett points out the apparent, which is that she deserve to never belengthy all over if she"s constantly on the run. Tootie asks her if she"s not just a small tempted to stick approximately and also enjoy all the excellent times and also hijinks she"s sure to experience if she continues to be at Eastland also...and as soon as Alexandra chuckles at the light-hearted banter that ensues, I guess we can assume that her answer is yes.I guess this indicates that negative Greg, who"s more than likely waiting for her at the bus terminal, is on his very own.
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