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The next Shield on the list is lastly below, presenting a difficulty for both solo and team compositions in The Division. Shield #9: Fang is live!

To earn Fang, players are required to complete eexceptionally obtainable Legendary mission in The Division. These missions are some of the a lot of complex PVE content in the game and also are ideal completed in teams. Enemies are scaled approximately the greatest difficulty and also show up in greater quantities on this setting. The following goals have actually Legendary variants that can be schosen before start the activity:

Legendary Time Square Power RelayLegendary WarrenGate Power PlantLegendary Napalm Production SiteLegendary Amherst's ApartmentLegendary Grand Central StationLegendary Madiboy Field HospitalLegendary General Assembly

Buckle up for this one, Agents!

Found in the initially tab of the Dossier, Division Shields are a team of distinct commendations that reward both long term and new players for completing extremely certain difficulties across The Division. Remember to inspect back in, because a secondary Shield will become available eexceptionally month for you to unlock.

New! Fang - Complete eexceptionally accessible mission on Legendary difficultyRebel - Get to wave 15 in ResistanceTalon - Attain a Commendation score of 3,000Phoenix - Extract 5 items, endure for 5 hrs, and also kill 5 Hunters in SurvivalSacred - Complete 10 phases, obtain to level 10 and also kill 10 Hunters in the UndergroundShepherd - Unlock the Base of OperationsAvenger - Eliminate 10 Named bosses in Manhattan, 10 in the Dark Zone, and also 10 in West Side PiersDeadeye - Complete all weekly High Value TargetsHazard - Clear 25 landmarks in the Dark Zone

With eincredibly Shield unlocked, you will get the following rewards:

One Audio LogOne Patch through the appropriate Shield IconOne Shield CacheOne Exotic WeaponTwo Classified Gear Set pieces2,000 Phoenix Credits500 D-TechThree Cypher Keys

As Agents collect Shields, you will certainly be put in a tiered device.

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The more Shields earned in The Division, the greater the tier you reach, the even more rewards you will certainly receive in The Division 2. A better tier grants players more rewards:

Tier 1 - Weapon SkinTier 2 - Outfit and also PatchTier 3 - Emote and also Gear DyeTier 4 - Taunting Emote and also Backfill Trophy

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