The data drive specified is not set to automatically unlock

I"m attempting to permit BitLocker on Windows 10 Pro utilizing Bootcamp on an Apple MacBook Pro <2016>. I am following well-recorded guides, yet after going with the setup procedure and rebooting Windows, I receive error:

What does The information drive mentioned... mean? (Where is the stated drive and drive letter exactly? What settings, where?)I would certainly have actually believed the drive I am trying to usage BitLocker on is the operating mechanism drive, not the information drive? not set to automatically unlock Where is the establishing to immediately unlock it? Why would certainly I want to do this? (I meant to kind in the password I collection for BitLocker at boot)

Guides followed:

Further references I already looked at, that were likewise in user JW0914"s search resuts. I clicked their connect and discovered numerous results in purple which verified I had actually already went to them and also didn"t uncover them to work, below they are with my annotaton:

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Issue fixed by me, so answering my own question, which I will assign as the embraced answer:

Equipment summary:

Untick package "Run BitLocker device check" which is on the underthe headings "Bitlocker drive encryption" and "Are you all set toencrypt this drive?" bitlocker dialog box.Then click "Start Encrypting" button that then appears.

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BEFORE (ticked - original default setting):


AFTER (unticked/unchecked):


More detail

With this box currently unticked/unchecked to disable "Run Bitlocker system check" - so that will not currently happen, the "Continue" switch transforms to "Start Encrypting", which I clicked.

I then left the machine for a small while say 30mins (but probably not necessary) and also then rebegan and also acquired the bitlocker enter password screen as compelled.

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So concluding, for some factor, there shows up to be an insect in that dialog phase that has actually those headings I mentioned. I will therefore consider elevating a bug with Microsoft e.g. through their technet/social forums and/or other technique.

It could be that this bug is something that only occurs in the Bootcamp case, which could not have actually been tested as a lot compared to "mainstream" Windows setups.

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I will certainly accept this as the answer, as although it does not explain the terms I queried with regard to the error message, which itself is unuseful, it does sheight that message happening and I deserve to continue to completing and running bitlocker.

Also posted my answer here: Ask Different: Enabling BitLocker without TPM on MacBook Pro via Bootcamp