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Hello Android community! In this troubleshooting write-up, we’ll present you exactly how to deal with a widespread texting concern. The issue we’re talking about right here is regarding messages being displayed in wrong order on the Galaxy Note10+. If brand-new texts show up at the bottom or in the middle of your older texts or sindicate not in order (that is, not on optimal of the list), this article need to aid.

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How to deal with Galaxy Note10+ messages in wrong order | SMS shown out of order

If incoming texts are in wrong order on your Galaxy Note10+, the many likely factor for that is incorrect day and time. Sindicate revolve automatic day and time feature on and also the concern should go amethod. However before, if that won’t work-related, you must examine other factors that have the right to maybe reason the problem too. Here’s how to perform that:

Galaxy Note10+ texts in wrong order deal with #1: Check mechanism day and time

The most widespread reason why your Galaxy Note10+ may be mirroring messages in wrong order is incorrect mechanism date and time. This typically occurs if a user won’t use the network’s day and time, or if a user manually modify day and time wrongly. By default, messaging apps display the newest incoming messages on height and the oldest at the bottom. If your device has incorrect day and also time, the messaging application will kind the messages incorrectly.

To encertain that your Note10+ has actually the correct date and time, follow these steps:

Open Setups app.Tap General management.Tap Date and time.Turn on Automatic date and also time.Galaxy Note10+ texts in wrong order solve #2: Force quit messaging app

If your Galaxy Note10+ has the correct day and time all along, or if nothing happened after transforming day and time, the next relocate that you desire to carry out is to rebegin the message message app. Tright here are 2 ways to rebegin an application.

Method 1: Close an application utilizing Recent Apps key

On your display, tap the Recent Apps soft key (the one through three vertical lines on the left of the Home button).Once the Recent Apps display screen is displayed, swipe left or appropriate to look for the app. It have to be right here if you controlled to run it previously.Then, swipe up on the app to cshed it. This must pressure cshed it. If it’s not tbelow, simply tap the Close All application to likewise rebegin all apps.

Method 2: Close an application making use of App Info menu

Anvarious other method to force close an application is by going within the app’s settings itself. It’s a longer way compared to the initially approach above however it’s equally reliable. You want to usage this strategy if you arrangement on doing various other troubleshooting for the sassist app favor clearing its cache or information. Here’s just how it’s done:

Open Setups app.Tap Apps.Tap the More settings icon (three-dot icon, top right).Tap Sexactly how system apps.Find and also tap the app.Tap Force Soptimal.Galaxy Note10+ texts in wrong order fix #3: Clear app cache or data

If your Galaxy Note10+ still reflects texts in wrong order, attempt to check out if clearing the cache of the messaging app will certainly work-related. This have the right to occupational if the factor for the bug is caused by a corrupted or poor cache. Here’s how it’s done:

Go to the Home screen.Tap Apps symbol.Open Setups application.Tap Apps.If you’re in search of a device or default application, tap on More settings at the upper ideal (three-dot icon).Select Show device apps.Find and also tap the appropriate app.Tap Storage.Tap Clear cache button.Restart the gadget and inspect for the problem.

If clearing the app cache won’t job-related, proceed by deleting its information. This will certainly return the messaging application to its original settings or defaults. To prevent shedding your texts, make certain that you create a backup of them first. You can use Smart Switch for that. If you are utilizing the default Samsung Messeras app, you deserve to additionally opt to use Samsung cloud to earlier them up.

To clear an application data:Go to the Home display screen.Tap Apps symbol.Open Setups application.Tap Apps.If you’re looking for a device or default app, tap on More settings at the upper right (three-dot icon).Select Sexactly how system apps.Find and also tap the appropriate app.Tap Storage.Tap Clear data switch.Restart the gadget and also inspect for the difficulty.Galaxy Note10+ messages in wrong order resolve #4: Reboot device

Another troubleshooting action that you deserve to perform in this situation is restart your Note10+. It’s usually efficient in fixing concerns brought about by minor bugs. Try restarting it commonly initially by pushing the Power button to access the boot menu. Then, pick Restart option and also check out if that works.

Anvarious other means to rebegin the tool is by pressing and also holding the Volume Dvery own button and the Bixby/Power key at the same time for 10 seconds or until the device’s display turns on. This simulates the effect of having actually dislinked the battery from the gadget. If this works, this might unlock the tool.

If doing the consistent restart won’t help, then try this:

Press and host the Volume Down button initially and also don’t release it.While holding it down, push and host the Power essential.Keep both secrets organized dvery own for 10 seconds or more. 

The second restart procedure tries to simulate the results of removing the battery pack. On older tools, disconnecting the battery is regularly an effective way in solving unresponsive tools. If nopoint readjusted though, continue to the following suggestions.

Rebooting your gadget consistently at least as soon as eextremely week can be valuable. If you tend to forgain things, we imply that you connumber your phone to reboot on its very own. You can schedule it to execute this job by doing these steps:

Open Settings app.Tap Device Care.Tap the 3-dot at the top.Select Auto rebegin.Galaxy Note10+ messages in wrong order solve #5: Reset netoccupational settings

Some network-related or texting concerns are caused by incorrect network configuration. Such a instance might periodically occur once altering SIM cards, switching to one more carrier, when utilizing Roaming, or when there’s system-wide alters. To encertain that your phone’s network-related settings are correct, follow these steps:

Open Settings application.Tap General administration.Tap Reset.Tap Reset netjob-related settings.Tap Recollection settings to confirm.

If you did change the SIM card before this concern occurred, we suggest that you remove the SIM card to refresh the link. Follow these measures to disconnect your SIM card from your tool.

Turn off your Galaxy Note10+. This is necessary. Rerelocating a SIM while the device is on may outcome to corrupted information.With your phone’s display dealing with you, rerelocate the card tray. You deserve to usage the insertion/removal tool (or a paperclip) to unlock the tray by inserting it right into the offered slot. This small hole must be visible on the height part of your gadget. Remove the SIM card from the tray. You have the right to lift the card up from the bottom. To aid, usage the opening on the oppowebsite side of the tray to dislodge (using a fingernail or similar tool).Reinsert the card tray.Press in on the tray to lock it right into place.That’s it!

Once you’ve removed the SIM card from the device, wait for a couple of moments prior to re-inserting it. This has the result of refreshing the mechanism without the old cellular settings. Once the SIM card is re-put and phone rebegan, your network’s configuration must be included automatically. 

If you have actually an additional phone that can work-related via your network, you can likewise attempt to insert the SIM card to it. This will certainly assist you examine if there’s an concern via the SIM card itself. If the trouble returns when you use the SIM card in the second gadget, you either have actually an issue via the SIM or via the network. Try obtaining a new SIM card to watch if it’s the SIM or the netjob-related.

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Galaxy Note10+ texts in wrong order deal with #6: Try another app

If texts are still displayed in the wrong order, the next good move is to install a 2nd messaging application on your Galaxy Note10+ and nominate it as the default. You have the right to get messaging app from the Play Store for cost-free for this objective. If you have no idea which application to use, attempt the Google Android Messeras application.

Galaxy Note10+ messages in wrong order deal with #7: Check for bad app

Another possible reason for your trouble have the right to come from another app. Some third party apps might be poorly coded which deserve to produce bugs that might impact other apps. To check if that’s the situation, attempt booting the phone to safe mode. All third apps, that is, apps that you added on peak of the original ones that came via the software, won’t be enabled to run on safe mode. They will certainly all be greyed out so you won’t have the ability to launch them. So, if your Note10+ will show messages in correct order on safe mode just, that can suppose that one of the apps is to blame.

To rebegin your Samsung Galaxy Note10+ to safe mode:

With your tool turned on, press and also hold the Power switch till the Power off food selection shows up then release.Touch and also organize Power off until the Safe mode prompt shows up then release.To confirm, tap Safe mode.The process might take up to 30 seconds to complete.Upon reboot, “Safe mode” should show up in the lower-left of the residence screen.Check for the difficulty.

Safe Mode might be a advantageous trick in checking for a difficulty however it won’t pinallude the precise application. In order to identify which of your apps might be behind the trouble, you’ll need to execute a procedure of elimination. Here’s what you need to carry out exactly:

Boot Galaxy Note10+ to safe mode.Check for the difficulty.If the concern retransforms or as soon as you’ve confirmed that a third party application is to blame, you have the right to start uninstalling apps one by one. You’ll need to do spfinish some time doing this if you have actually plenty of apps installed. We indicate that you begin via the a lot of current ones you included. It’s important that you only uninstall a solitary application at a time. After rerelocating an application, rebegin the phone to normal mode and examine for the problem again.If your Galaxy Note10+ is still problematic, repeat actions 1-4 until the rogue application has been established.

Keep in mind that there’s no shortreduced to knowing which application is poor or buggy. Just be patient and save repeating the cycle over if the difficulty retransforms after removing one app. Once the problem stops, the many current app you deleted have to be the culprit. Be certain not to re-install the negative app. You deserve to include the remainder of the apps you deleted previously after that.

Galaxy Note10+ texts in wrong order solve #8: Wipe cache partition

If the problem began after installing a brand-new application or upday, there may be an problem with the system cache. To ensure that the mechanism cache is refreburned, you want to clear the cache partition wright here it’s being retained. Here’s exactly how it’s done:

Turn off the tool. This is important as your tool won’t boot to Recoextremely Mode when it’s on.Press and host the Volume Up key and also the Bixby / Power essential.Once the Android Recoextremely display screen comes up, release the butloads.Use the Volume Dvery own button until you are highlighting ‘Wipe cache partition.’Press the Power switch to select ‘Wipe cache partition.’Use Volume Down to highlight Yes.Press the Power button to confirm the action to clear the cache.Wait for a 2nd as the mechanism wipes the cache.Press the Power switch aobtain to reboot the gadget. This will return the tool to the normal interface.That’s it!Galaxy Note10+ messages in wrong order resolve #9: Factory reset

The last troubleshooting that you have the right to perdevelop on your device at this allude is manufacturing facility recollection. This will certainly help you tell if there’s a unique software program bug in your Note10+ that stays clear of its netoccupational attributes from working correctly. Just be sure to create a backup of your papers first to avoid shedding them.

Below are the 2 means to manufacturing facility recollection your Note10+:

Method 1: How to hard recollection on Samsung Galaxy Note10+ using Setups Menu

This is the simplest method to wipe your Galaxy Note10+. all you have to execute is to go under Settings food selection and follow the procedures listed below. We recommend this approach if you have no trouble going under Setups.

Create a backup of your individual data and also rerelocate your Google account.Open Settings app.Scroll to and also tap General administration.Tap Reset.Select Factory data reset from the offered choices.Read the information then tap Reset to proceed.Tap Delete All to confirm action.

Method 2: How to tough recollection on Samsung Galaxy Note10+ making use of hardware buttons

If your situation is that the phone is not booting up, or it boots but Setups food selection is inobtainable, this method deserve to be useful. First, you must boot the gadget to Recoincredibly Mode. Once you efficiently access Recovery, that’s the moment that you start correct master recollection procedure. It may take some tries for you prior to you have the right to accessibility Recoexceptionally so be patient and also sindicate try aget.

If possible, produce a backup of your personal data ahead of time. If your difficulty avoids you from doing that, then sindicate skip this step.Also, you want to make sure that you rerelocate your Google account. If your difficulty stays clear of you from doing that, then simply skip this action.Turn off the device. This is crucial. If you can’t turn it off, you’ll never be able to boot to Recovery Setting. If you are not able to shut the device off frequently by means of the Power button, wait until the phone’s battery is drained. Then, charge the phone for 30 minutes before booting to Recovery Setting.Press and organize the Volume Up key and the Bixby / Power key.When the green Android logo displays, release both tricks (‘Installing system update’ will certainly present for about 30 – 60 secs prior to mirroring the Android device recoextremely menu options).The Recoincredibly screen menu will certainly now show up. When you check out this, release the butloads.Use the Volume Down switch until you are highlighting ‘Wipe data/manufacturing facility reset.’Press the Power button to choose ‘Wipe data/factory recollection.’Use Volume Dvery own to highlight Yes.Press the Power switch to confirm the activity to clear your phone data.Galaxy Note10+ texts in wrong order solve #10: Get assist from carrier

It’s normally rare not to fix this worry on a user’s end yet if nothing has readjusted after a manufacturing facility recollection, you must think about obtaining assist from your netoccupational operator. The reason should be somepoint external the gadget so your carrier deserve to most likely aid in this case.

If you are among the customers that encounters a difficulty with your device, let us recognize. We offer remedies for Android-associated difficulties for free so if you have actually an issue via your Android tool, simply fill in the brief questionnaire in this link and also we will certainly try to publish our answers in the following articles. We cannot guarantee a quick response so if your problem is time sensitive, please discover one more way to resolve your difficulty.

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