Text message stuck sending

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I have a really strange problem on my jiyuushikan.org .Eexceptionally time I send a text message, it is stuck at "Sending..." and also deserve to be stuck on that for days till it mirrors that it has failed to send the message.Sometimes I send 3 messages at a go and they come to be sent. Sometimes even this does not work.

What might be the problem? What deserve to I carry out to rectify?Desperate!


When this happens to me, I disable the data on the tool and re-allow it and also the message commonly goes via. You deserve to likewise simply try switching to plane mode and then turn off plane mode.


This happens periodically. I think its a bug via the messaging application. I offered to have this. I imply pressure cshedding the application (Setups -> Manage Application -> Messaging -> Force Stop)

Once done, simply reboot for safe meacertain. This have to deal with your difficulty. :)

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I faced a similar difficulty on my LG jiyuushikan.org handcollection, but then I realized that I hadn"t done my "SMS cleanup" for the last 6 months. I deleted all old messeras, then points started functioning fine! It turned out to be an easy maintenance concern.



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