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TextCounter is a brand-new jailbreak tweak that have the right to aid put right into perspective simply just how a lot you’re texting people.

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It keeps track of exactly how many type of sent out and also obtained messages you have in your Messages application and then reflects them to you in various interencounters in the app.

This sort of usability might sound acquainted, and that’s because we confirmed you a totally free jailbreak tweak dubbed CKCounter a number of months earlier. Although it was equivalent in some methods, it wasn’t as comprehensive as TextCounter is, as you’re around to check out.

With TextCounter, you can break down your counters on a per conversation basis and also watch how many type of messages have actually been sent out and also received individually. The information is shown right inside of a conversation in your Messperiods application when you open up the Details menu:


The tweak outlines the full, sent out, and also received messages for you. A tab over the table of indevelopment also lets you filter in between an “overall” amount and also a “monthly” amount. The monthly amount lets you check out how many kind of texts you’ve sent and also got in the last month.

You have the right to likewise see a general overview of sent and obtained messperiods for every one of your conversations on the navigation bar while you’re looking at all of your conversations in the Messperiods app:


When an “O” is presented, it suggests you’re looking at your all at once messperiods amount; on the other hand, when an “M” is displayed, you’re looking at your monthly messperiods amount. In this see, 3 numbers are presented and are separated by vertical lines and also are displayed in the complying with format: “Total | Sent | Received.”

By tapping on the navigation bar repetitively, you can cycle between the Overall and Monthly views, or you have the right to hide the data altogether.

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Because I haven’t been using this brand-new tweak for a month just yet, the figures in my screenshots are the very same for both Overall and Monthly. If you give this tweak a try and you usage it for more than a month, each is going to display different numbers over time.

TextCounter counts both SMS and also iMesseras as messeras all in the same, therefore it can’t tell you just how many type of of your messages are iMesseras and also just how many kind of are text messeras. Nevertheless, this tweak functions pretty well for providing you a basic principle of simply just how a lot messaging you perform on a continual basis, and also the way it’s constructed right right into the Messperiods app makes it even nicer to resolve.

Not everyone in the people requirements to check out this kind of indevelopment, yet occasionally it’s nice to watch the statistics in front of your face. If you’re interested in trying TextCounter, you can downfill it on your jaildamaged iPhone or iPad from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for just $0.99 this particular day.

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