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What Makes the Best Screen Protector, An Interview with Leading Glass ExpertsAmplify Glass Your Display Protection
Have you ever before wondered how screen protectors work? How does an additional layer of glass prevent what isunderneath it from cracking? We partnered with the experts at Corning to offer the scoop on what makesscreen covers essential for gadget security.


How does a display protector work?

A display protector helps sanctuary the underlying tool glass display screen from damageconsisting of scratching and also breakage, occasionally by acting as a ‘sacrificial’ layer. It might additionally increasethe resale value of an equipment by shielding it from damage.

Tright here are a number of types of screen remedies. What are the distinctions betweenthem?

Soda-lime: Soda-lime glasses are the existing leading display cover solution andare commonly provided to make glass products such as home windows and also drinkware. They have actually constraints toexactly how a lot they can be ‘tempered’ or ‘strengthened.’Aluminosilicate: Aluminosilicate glasses are an extra advanced glass kind whichenables a higher level of damage resistance – but not all aluminosilicates are equal and also varyby tempering.Plastic: Plastics have actually likewise been offered as a screen cover product, yet this is asoft material that scratches conveniently and also does not sell the exact same level of defense as glass assets.


What is a tempered glass screen protector?

“Tempering” is a process that deserve to boost the performance of a glass display screen guard. Themost basic description is that the glass is inserted in a bath of molten salt, which adds a layer of‘compression’ (think of it as ‘armor’) on the external surfaces and edges of the glass. Not all temperedglass will have actually the exact same level of ‘armor’, so it is vital to pick a glass kind and tempering processthat maximizes performance.

What is the ideal screen protector?

The appropriate screen cover will combine an easy application experience (easy,bubble-free), great aesthetics, excellent durability of the display guard itself, and also of course gooddefense of the underlying display screen glass. Using products (both glass and also cases) from reputablesuppliers such as Corning and also aid encertain that these attributes deserve to be at the same time achieved.

When have to someone replace a display screen protector?

This comes dvery own to individual preference. Typically, covers are replaced as soon as theyinterfere with normal tool intake or existing the user through a displeasing tactile or visual aestheticexperience such as cracks or scratches.


Are display screen protectors necessary?

Who renders the ideal screen protector?

We are plainly biased once answering this question! Amplify Glass from,designed and also engineered by Corning, is a great choice that is made from proprietary Corning glass(aluminosilicate) through a proprietary ion-exchange (aka ‘tempering’) process to deliver a display screen guardthat offers exceptional cell phone display screen security. Amplify Glass is likewise engineered to last a longtime based upon normal everyday use, and also to scrape much less than all various other assets on the sector. AndAmplify Glass is additionally backed by the restricted lifetime warranty and hassle-cost-free customer serviceso if you have actually any type of concerns, favor breaking your screen cover once accidentally dropping your phone onconcrete, you can acquire an Amplify Glass replacement for as long as you own your device!

Now that you recognize a tiny little bit more about what makes a display protector vital,learn around the varieties of screen protection hregarding market.

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Amplify GlassCrystal clear and blemish cost-free. That’s not too much to ask for your phone’sdisplay screen, right? Amplify Glass, engineered by Corning, delivers precisely that — a clear display andpristine window right into your people. With up to 5x better scratch resistance than the leading glassalternative* and long-lasting stamina, your screen’s safeguarded against drops and also day-to-day wearwith Amplify Glass. We keep your window right into what matters most crystal clear

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Amplify Glass Glare GuardAmplify Glass Glare Guard protects your screen against drops, scratches andscrapes, and also delivers improved display clarity. Experience exceptional screen readability in alllighting problems, particularly bright light. And your phone battery gets a break as AmplifyGlass Glare Guard permits you to revolve dvery own the brightness and also still achieve desired visualclarity. Grab Amplify Glass Glare Guard and cover your display screen via long-lasting scratchperformance and also intensified display screen viewing.

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Amplify Glass Edge-2-EdgeCover your screen through Amplify Glass Edge-2-Edge for long-lasting protectionversus drops and results. No component of your display screen is left undefended. Amplify Glass Edge-2-Edgeis precision fit to your phone and also delivers 5x higher scratch resistance than the leading glassalternate.*

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