Teamviewer printing not working

We are utilizing TeamViewer and also we would like to print at the remote computer system. Is this possible? If yes, how?

I"ve been analysis the docs but I can not discover a solution.

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I am on my machine say machine 1. And, I am connected to Machine 2 on the internet somewright here through Teamviewer.

I know that Machine 2 has printer attached to it and also it is functioning well.

What I want is to print a Word Document for instance which is locally on Machine 1 to be published on Machine 2"s printer. Is this possible?

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Try to use Teamviewer VPN to affix the 2 units and also usage the Data and also Printer Sharing.

You need to share the Printer on Machine 2 and make certain the user from Machine 1 has access to this netoccupational share. Then attach the mutual printer from Machine 2 on Machine 1 by means of Windows.

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Try utilizing the Google Cloudprint. Especially fantastic if you are currently have actually a Gmail, google accounts, youtube, chrome all linked together.

I simply tried it myself this particular day, was searching for the teamviewer solution to print... but no luck.

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anyways, just examine out install among the apps for the PC to permit sharing printers

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To activate the remote printing attribute, follow these steps:

In the Remote Control home window, click Extras | Remote printing throughout a session. The TeamViewer printing dialog box will open.

Click the Continue switch. On the remote computer, the TeamViewer print driver will be mounted. This just has to be done when.

You have currently successfully caused remote printing. All printers obtainable on the local computer can be used by the remote computer system, also.

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Once TeamViewer remote printing has actually been caused, the printers accessible to the local computer system can be schosen in the print dialog boxes and also control panel on the remote computer. TeamViewer remote printing printers are labeled through using TeamViewer.

To run a print task, follow these steps:

Open the document you would certainly choose to print on the remote computer system.Open the Publish dialog box.Select a printer ending via via TeamViewer.Start the print job.The record will print out on the selected printer at the regional computer

This is from the Teamviewer 8 Manual