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This ya boy babsence a.k.a da da da da, da da Got an additional one more one, for my island oh woa inspect itTatted on my chest currently...Tatted on my chestYes I'm a zoeI never had actually a trouble getting hoesdoughMaking this musics all I knowSo host on tight reason I'm a blowIn donk's chevy (we ride)At the club (we live)On 6"s & 7"S (we ride)At any type of show (we live)...Said tatted on my chest, yes I'm a zoeWhen haters talk mess I shed controlUsing my fist, that's all I knowWith my very own two feet go blow for blowWhat you gotta problem, recognize you now I'm liveNever had actually a problem to go insideF*cking via me is suicideStep into the jungle, well you won't survivePerment wet on the chevy paintTurn in your challenge, dog my shit will stinkHypotize rims make you go insaneAs with a bobblehead, bobbling brainRiding swerve from lane to laneI'm a let the totality human being know my nameOn my shit cause I'm a proTatted on my chest reason I'm a zoe...If u See me in the roads, you know I'm coolIf u See me in the club, I act a foolWith a gang of killers, that's just my crewDon't suppose to be rude that's exactly how I execute. (Yeah)Cup hosted high via a mug so meanTilt to the side reason I'm sipping that leanMy swagg so loose, gotta be the gooseFlashing lights ike a photo shootNow I'm a perform me, you execute youMy wrist so cold, don't catch a fluOn my flag acquired red and blueYes I said it red and also blueIf you talking don't waste my timeWorry bout yours don't worry bout mineDropping hits it's in my soulTatted on my chest reason I'm a zoeinspect it WoaShelp it's tatted on my chest respect my mindI spit creole anytimeIn the booth they understand I rhymeSo via the hood you recognize I shineSak pase to all my zoesWhat it execute to the world I knowTo all my stippers on the poleAnd all my niggas blowing dro.droLet me put u on some gameHoes ain't never dubbed no lameWe seen the worst and also felt the painCloudy weather filled with rainUnited we stand also, divided we fallThey can't break me not at allStack my chips never go brokeTatted on my chest cause I'm a zoe!