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If I collection the Windows taskbar to auto-hide, then applications realize hat they have actually that extra room and stretch their window a little to fill the entirety display screen. However before, when I carry out pull the taskbar up, it overlaps part of the window. This is mainly a difficulty simply bereason if I accidentally lug up the job bar, it covers things I"m trying to interact through. Is tbelow a solution to this? I suppose a basic one would certainly be to implement a delay while it takes for the job bar to show up after bringing your cursor to the edge of the display screen, but I"m open to anypoint.

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I really do not know why it happens but you deserve to settle it by only rebeginning traveler.exe via Task Manager.



Auto-hiding Taskbar will always overlap over the window. You have the right to often fix the trouble by relocating the taskbar from bottom edge of the display screen to optimal, left or appropriate edge.

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Also, there are remedies with assist of key-board, yet they call for more specific summary of what operation you desire to percreate (edit your question and explain your job more in information if you are interested).


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