I finally controlled to gain my hands on the intended Divine Grail of concealers, the one I searched for in the time of my whole stay in The United States and Canada, the famous Tarte Shape Tape Contour concealer!

Right now, on many YouTube beauty networks, it’s the star of the Best Of Beauty 2016, yet the hype had already started this summer. All the American YouTubers are raving about it. It’s considered the ideal concealer of the moment!As an outcome, it was sold out a few weeks after its release this summer, and it has actually been mostly out of stock ever before since. It comes ago in stock routinely, yet they’re offering favor hot cakes. Also, it’s not accessible almost everywhere, which adds to the challenge of getting your hands on it. It’s obtainable just on Tarte website (which delivers worldwide) and in Ulta stores.

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I came across an Ulta save last September in Philadelphia, yet of course, the Shape Tape was out of stock at that time. Nonetheless, I had the opportunity to take a look at the testers to have the ability to pick my shade on the website once it would certainly be accessible. Actually, I struggled a tiny because none of the colors suited me, I was between two shades. Fortunately for me, Tarte has actually added the majority of new colors given that then.

As I really wanted to find my perfect shade (and also bereason I’m a little too much ahem), I ordered 3 shades: Fair Neutral, Light Sand also, and Light Neutral.

Let’s see if this Tarte Shape Tape Contour concealer deserves its title of finest concealer of 2016! smile

Tarte Shape Tape Contour concealer, presentation:


What the brand states about it:

“A vegan friendly, creamy concealer for radiant coverage and contouring. “

It’s a multi-tasking product: a concealer, a corrector however additionally a contouring product.

It deserve to be provided to hide your dark circles or imperfections many thanks to its high coverage, however its fluid and also creamy texture likewise permits it to be applied on larger surfaces to perform contouring. Tarte advises using numerous Shape Tape, not just one: one darker to contour, a lighter one to brighten and a shade closer to your skin color to conceal. (Yeah, they’re exceptionally clever lol)

I bought numerous myself, yet it was more to be sure to discover a shade that worked well on me. (Well, I admit that for the lighter one, Fair Neutral, I took it for its brightening effect, I prefer to mix my concealer with a incredibly light color to give radiance to the complexion).

Tarte also sells a sponge to use it (sooo clever lol). I had actually the chance to see it as soon as I was at Ulta, I don’t necessarily recommfinish it, it looks very stiff. And if you already have actually a Beauty Blender or a Real Techniques sponge, either of these two execute the trick perfectly! smile

The Tarte Shape Tape Contour concealer retails for $24, and also it’s available on the brand’s webwebsite and also at Ulta.

Tarte Shape Tape Contour concealer, my test and also thoughts:


– Formula and also texture:

The formula is quite fine, it is a kind of creamy however rather liquid texture. It doesn’t leave any kind of grbasic feeling on the skin, it dries matte, yet without leaving a dry feeling on the skin.

– Color range:

14 shades that suit from the lighter to the darker skin colors. The array has grvery own eexceptionally time they came ago in stock and now, it’s really wide. All the skin colors deserve to currently uncover a good enhance. But it’s still not straightforward to be certain of which color to pick if you’re not able to try it on your skin, however oh well, I guess that’s why blogs perform swatches! winkI determined Light Neutral after I tried Light and Light-Medium on my hand at Ulta. Light Neutral is intended to have actually pink and also yellow undertones, which is perfect for my skin (I’m even more on the neutral side).I also determined to attempt Light Sand which has yellow undertones bereason periodically this sort of color works well for me and also are super luminous and also brightening. But, unfortunately, it didn’t work-related here, and Light Sand also doesn’t suit me at all. It looks also light and gray on me… #failI also ordered Fair Neutral because I wanted a lightening effect and I chosen the truth that it has actually neutral undertones. At initially, once I swatched it, I assumed that I picked the wrong shade well however finally, I simply use a little amount on the area I desire to brighten, and it functions quite well! smile


– Scent: 

The formula consists of many perfume, it smells choose lemon and to be hocolony, I’m not a fan. Not bereason I don’t favor the smell, it doesn’t bother me however more because I uncover it a bit irritating for my eye contour. Usually, I’m not as well sensitive to this kind of stuff, however here, I can feel it, it irritates my skin a small when I wear it. I don’t really understand why they included many perfume for a product intended to be offered on the very sensitive eye contour area… It’s a small weird, to be honest…

– Packaging:

The bottle is quite large. It contains 10 ml of product, which is approximately the double of a typical concealer. The dimension of the applicator is likewise huge. You have the right to feel it’s meant to be a contouring product for the confront. At initially, it bothered me a small however currently I’m supplied to it. However before, I don’t uncover it extremely exact. It’s extremely simple to go overboard and also apply also much through this giant applicator…


– Application: 

I tried numerous methods to apply it, and whether it’s through my Beauty Blender, a brush or my fingers, the product is quite basic to blend. I find that the application with my wet Beauty Blender is the most natural and it offers me the outcome I like. Also, I try not to put too much product bereason otherwise, it tends to be a small little bit also hefty.I always apply my concealer after my foundation. Typically, I emphasis the application on the inner corner of my under eye area, and also I don’t drag it extremely low (I don’t apply it everywhere, in a big triangle shape which goes till the nose favor I constantly see on YouTube).Many kind of YouTubers claim that you don’t should powder it because it dries matte and it doesn’t relocate throughout the day. On me, probably bereason I’m considerably older than many of these young Beauty gurus, it creases a small in my fine lines if I don’t collection it. So I use a light amount of RCMA loose powder on top. Not more than a veil bereason otherwise, the result may look caessential. As the product is a little “dry”, placing too much powder on peak has a tendency to make it look heavy it, and it periods me terribly. I tried to powder it making use of my Beauty Blender, big mistake, I looked prefer a mummy… sadI mainly use the Shape Tape on my eye contour, yet it additionally functions great on imperfections.

– Pigmentation and coverage: 

It has actually a quite solid coverage and also a very great pigmentation. It covers the imperfections and dark circles exceptionally well. Also, it’s very buildable.


– Finish:

The complete is extremely pretty and also rather natural. It’s rather matte. Surprisingly, despite its complete, it doesn’t emphadimension the dry patches or the fine lines as well much.It likewise feels lightweight.

– Lasting power: 

It lasts pretty well on the skin. It’s a long-lasting product even if after 8 to 9 hours, it starts to crease a small little. But really, nopoint major.

– Value for money:

The value for money is quite good bereason the bottle is astronomical compared to its competitors: 10 ml. If I compare with the concealer, I offered before: the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer is fifty percent the dimension for a higher price ($28)!

Finally, right here are the swatches:

In this image, I offered the Light Neutral shade that I applied making use of my Beauty Blender. If I need an additional correction, I use a small little of Bobbi Brvery own Corrector (in the shade Light to Medium Bisque) below. On the day of the photo, I only used the Tape Shape Tape Contour alone, and I set it with a small bit of my RCMA powder.On my lips, it’s the Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color in the shade Neutral Rose. wink

So, in summary:


- a great and also wide shade variety (14 different) - a strong coverage and also a very great pigmentation - a creamy and also lightweight texture - incredibly organic semi-matte complete - doesn"t emphasize dry patches and also fine lines (if you use the appropriate amount) - good lasting power- does not necessarily must be set through powder (specifically on a younger skin bereason on my skin, I need to use a little little of powder) - excellent worth for money, particularly for the size


- the formula consists of many perfume, it have the right to be irritating on the eye contour - you need a small practice to understand also how a lot product you need (too a lot product looks cakey and heavy)- not the simplest to find: it"s only obtainable digital, and also it"s often out of stock

It’s a great concealer, through a very excellent coverage while staying rather lightweight. Just be mindful not to put as well a lot and also if you desire to prevent it from creasing right into fines lines, a veil of powder is crucial. I’m not as blvery own ameans as the rest of the beauty area, yet perhaps I had actually as well high expectations through all the hype about this product. However, I’m not disappointed, and also it’s good bereason I think I have enough concealer in this big bottle for the rest of the year ah ah ah! wink

The Tarte Shape Tape Contour concealer is available on the brand also webwebsite for $24.

And you, have actually you tried the Tarte Shape Tape Contour concealer? What are your thoughts? If not, what is your favorite concealer of all time?

Picture credit: jiyuushikan.org

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Hi! I wear MAC Prolongwear concealer in NW25. Do you think I have to carry out light neutral, light sand also or light medium? Thank you!

Thank you ????I’m not sure, because I’m a NC 20-25 myself so I deserve to only tell for certain what works on my skin tone.And it additionally relies on your skin undertones and the shade of your dark circles. I think Light Sand would be a great complement if you have actually more purple-ish dark circles. But I’m not 100% sure, to be hoswarm.I’m sorry I can’t assist you even more ????

This concealer oxidizes (i’m not also acidic) so It’s better to obtain a shade one or 2 lighter via your skin yet make certain to enhance it through your undertone though. hope this helps! ;-) I execute very own Light medium, i’m NC35 and also it oxidizes to my skintone ;(

Ugh I don’t understand which shade to select. I prefer all my concealers to be warm or have actually some even more of a yellow undertone but I’m afraid light sand will be method as well light on me. Did you uncover light neutral to still be sensibly on the heat side or offer off a yellowy cast? I just don’t like having anything too pinky under my eyes. It seems the only other warmer toned shades are the even more medium ones yet I still desire something lighter than my skin tone so I can brighten.

does it oxidize? I’m olive/tan and also I’m thinking of acquiring light neutral however I’m having second guesses I’ll be wearing the concealer for 6 hrs soooo……

Hi! What is your eye shape? It’s similar to mine. Whenever I carry out a winged liner my wings look favor yours. Please reply and thank you ?