In the late 60’s, a lot of of us red blooded Amerideserve to males were enthralled by a beautiful Swedish girl that showed up in Noxzema medicated shaving actually cream commercials. As a guy through a lathered face began to shave actually in rhythm with some “stripper” music, the girl’s confront showed up in close-up on the appropriate side of the display. Her sulattempt gaze looked right out at us as she intoned, ” Take it off, take it ALL off”.

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Her name was Gunilla Knutsen. Here’s the old commercial on YouTube …

A photographer named J. Barry O’Rourke experienced some psychedelic art I had done somewhere and also dubbed me up. He had actually a job for Look Magazine and also essential my aid. He was photographing Gunilla for a function in the magazine and he essential someone to paint psychedelic deindications on her challenge and body. I shelp, “Gee, sorry, I’m busy”!

NO, I did not say that. I packed up some acrylic paint and also some sable brushes and also off I went to his New York studio.

It absolutely was the era of psychedelic art. I was doing many it. The artist Peter Max remained in the forefront of it all. Max was a grasp promoter. One day, I looked out of the home window in the office of one of my art directors at NBC and also gazed across sixth Avenue to see a new building going up. Max had actually offered the large hanging tarps that they used to shield the floors under construction. So, all the means roughly the building, in VERY large letters it shelp ” Peter Max, Peter Max, Peter Max”.

This is the picture I provided to present my father when he shelp that I must have actually come to be an insurance male favor him.

So, I arrive at O’Rourke’s studio and also tbelow is the Swedish beauty herself in a silver bikini. Barry instructed her to just lie on the floor and I was to job-related on her there. So, I crouched next to her, squeezed out some color on my palette and started in functioning about her navel. My circular architecture occurred with curlicues and also circles in many various colors. I was inventing it as I went alengthy, I had no sketch or anything, I just let it construct any way it wanted to.

Right off the bat, I noticed one point. Gunilla had extremely soft and also ultra smooth skin. My brush just glided across my “canvas” beauticompletely. I have never before functioned on such a amazing surconfront. She just lay tright here via her eyes shut and also didn’t relocate a muscle. When I finiburned with her stomach area, I proceeded to her face. I confined my architecture to just the appropriate side of her confront. I used Liquitex acrylics bereason they were bbest and also colorful, dried quickly, lasted rather a lengthy time and also were easy to wash off. I had actually done a little challenge painting at that allude and I had actually additionally painted my whole ’61 Volkswagon Beetle through psychedelic deindicators once its original bbest red shade had actually started to fade. I covered the entire vehicle with spirals and also swirls and also curlicues from stem to stern. I n later years once the car began to fall acomponent on me, I gave it to a frifinish of my kid, that was collecting Volkswagon parts for his friends. For years after that, I would certainly be downtown in Westport and also watch things favor a simple blue VW drive by via a wildly painted hood or side door. My old automobile lived on choose that for a long time. The paint remained pretty a lot as bright as it was as soon as I first painted it.

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But, I digress… earlier to my Gunilla paint chores. After I finiburned paint her face, I wrapped up my equipment and I told Gunilla that it should wash off quickly after she finished posing for the spcheck out. She sassist she’d most likely wash off her stomach however she was going to leave the designs on her confront because she was going to a party later on that evening and also she assumed it would certainly look pretty good and also inexplicable to go through her challenge painted.

SO… the woguy who was renowned for “Take it off”, actually… left it on!

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