We"re being really childish at job-related and trying to jiyuushikan.orgme up with insults...but they CAN"T involve swearing...Stuff that you supplied to say as soon as you were little, or things prefer "go play in the road", "take a lengthy walk off a short pier" and other such exceptionally mature phrases. Ta Sam-x

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well "Yo mamma" jokes were the funniest things in my day.. my favourite being "yo mamma is so hairy, that even bigfoot stopped to take her picture" x
we"re you born stupid or execute you practice? or "as soon as you were born the midwife slapped your mommy. Or the variation on ugly, "someone took a dip in the ugly pond.
Hi, " Shame your Mother did"nt have actually children" " It"s a pity he/she provides their personality as a jiyuushikan.orgntraceptive" " The best jiyuushikan.orgmponent of him/her was left on the park bench" Rgds Al
you"re so spiteful you would put a blind male in a round room and tell him his dinners in the edge or you"re so thick you"d starve in a superindustry and yo moms so fat she sets of car alarms once she walks dvery own a street you"re so snide you would certainly hang a one-equipped guy off a cliff wits an itchy bum and also (last one) yo moms so stupid she assumed a set of web traffic lights were a disjiyuushikan.org
Said newly (not by me) of a jiyuushikan.orglleague: "You can lock him up naked in a round, unfurnimelted cell via 2 round bearings; he"d regulate to lose one and break the other".

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