Fists of Fury: Novigrad (Level 23)¶

Before gaining earlier into the swing of major searches or Witcher’s work-related, why not indulge in some fist-fighting? If you waited to finish “High Stakes” and also are therefore fresh off thrashing Finneas, you might just be hankering for some even more pugilism. Make your method to the Golden Sturgeon tavern west of Hierarch Square and also head inside to discover some civilization boxing. Talk to Master Claypeak and state your intent to dethrone the “tavern’s champion”, then make a bet - simply like in Velen, you’ll win twice what you bet.

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Bet the maximum amount, as Master Claytop will certainly attempt to make a side resolve you; you throw the fight and he’ll pay you additional. It’s simply free Crowns and suffer, so there’s no factor not to do it. As a reward for throwing the fight you’ll obtain twice what you bet (160 Crowns) and an added 80 Crowns. After that’s done, talk to Master Clayheight aobtain and actually obstacle Georgius Georg legitimately this time.

For throwing the fight versus Georgius Georg50 XP / 82 - 240 Crowns
For beating Georgius Georg25 XP / 2 - 160 Crowns

These fights are acquiring more challenging, and also if you don’t recognize how to parry by currently, you’re going to have actually trouble. Fortunately, parrying is very simple - you really just gotta get your timing dvery own. After you parry, land 2 fast assaults, then dodge earlier and also wait for the enemy to assault aacquire. Doing this you should win eexceptionally fight, however aobtain, it all revolves approximately you finding out just how to parry. There’s really no substitute for it. After you defeat Georgius Georg, Master Claypeak will certainly refer you to 2 various other opponents; Archibald O’Niell and Mortimer.


Gorgeous George was an Amerihave the right to professional wrestler who debuted in 1932 and retired in 1962. This character is undoubtedly named after him.

Make your way to the southerly end of the docks district to uncover Archibald O’Niell supervising some fights, simply north of the “Portside Gate” signpost. Talk to his Bookie and also difficulty Archibald. The purse is reduced this time around, but Archibald is faster than Georgius Georg. Oh well.

For beating Archibald O’Niell25 XP / 2 - 100 Crowns

Sexactly how Archibald who’s boss, then make your way to where Mortimer awaits, namely alengthy the south-eastern end of Novigrad’s main district. To get tbelow head north-west across a bridge from the “Tretogor Gate” signpost and also immediately afterwards revolve north-eastern and head up some stairs. Continue north-eastern under an arch, over some wood planks, then via a second arch and also down some steps. Talk to the Bookie, make your bet, then thrash Captain Mortimer that, favor the Baron’s Sergeant in Crow’s Perch seems to spend more time fist fighting than doing his actual task.

For defeating Captain “Iron” Mortimer25 XP / 2 - 190 Crowns

Once you’ve beaten all three of Novigrad’s marquee fighters you’ll have the honor of difficult Durden the Tailor. You’ll find him in the outskirts exterior of Novigrad, southern of the docks district, close to the Notice Board. Make sure it’s late enough (7:00 PM need to do it) and also talk to the Bookie, who will certainly be interrupted by Novigrad’s champion. He simply can’t help however indulge in some trash-talking, which Geralt doesn’t respond exceptionally positively to. An elf! Calling Geralt scrawny! Of all things! This deserve to not stand! Bet on yourself, then show this upbegin elf just why his people are going extinct. How’s that for some trash talk? Anymeans, beat him and also you’ll be told to end up being champion in Velen and also Skellige. Gradually, in time…

For defeating Durden the Tailor75 XP / 2 -240 Crowns

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Guide Information

PublisherCD Projekt PlatformsPC, PS4, Switch, XB One GenreRPG Guide Release24 June 2015Guide AuthorNathan Garvin (Haeravon)

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You are Geralt of Rivia, a expert monster-hunter well-known as a Witcher. You’ve fully reacquired your memories given that your miraculous rebirth and escape from the Wild Hunt, and also have actually cleared your name of the false accusations of regicide. In the wake of the assassination of Foltest, king of Temeria, the north have actually been rent by warfare as Nilfgaard launches its 3rd significant invasion, and also the northlands have been unified under the insane king Radovid. Overshadowing these petty politics is the mysterious rerotate of Ciri - Geralt’s adopted daughter, who is currently being gone after by the Wild Hunt.

The guide uses the following:

A full walkwith that’s even more than just a listing of quests-it’s an “ideal chronological order” that will certainly gain you through the totality game and allow you to check out and also perform every little thing the game has to sell.

Side quests, consisting of monster contracts and treacertain hunts for obtaining effective Witcher sets.

Descriptions of decisions, pursuits, and also occasions that influence the various endings of the game.

Crafting and also Alchemy information.

General techniques on just how to take dvery own foes big and small, monstrous and also humanoid, boss or mundane.

Indevelopment on how to finish all the Gwent searches and also acquire all the Gwent cards, consisting of comprehensive Gwent techniques.

Trophy/Achievement information.

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MASSIVE UPDATE: 7th September 2016 ongoing

Added DLC quests “Fool’s Gold” and also “Scavenger Hunt: Wolf School Gear”.Organisational transforms in the Velen section of the walkvia to reflect the boosted level of Griffin School Gear.Organisational alters throughout the walkvia to administer a “no skulls” course through the game.Added Death March difficulty tips and commentary throughout the guide.More XP reward numbers consisted of.Walkthrough now has extra information based upon patch alters.Various typo and grammar fixes.Added DLC peras for Blood & Wine, Heart of StoneLots even more quality of life improvements

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