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Whether you love Safari, Chrome, Firefox, or somepoint else, you'll desire to usage your favorite web browser on all your devices. But what happens if your favorite web internet browser is Microsoft Net Explorer (also well-known by its abbreviation, IE)? IE functions excellent on desktop computer systems (unless you use a Mac; IE hasn't existed on the Mac for years). If you also usage an iOS gadget, you'll require a workroughly to gain IE for iPhone or iPad.


iPhone image credit: Apple; IE logo credit: Microsoft

Web Explorer on iPhone or iPad? No

The short answer is no; there's no IE for iPhone or iPad. If you love Internet Explorer or are forced to use it for work-related, there never before will certainly be IE for iOS. Tright here are two crucial reasons for this:

What About the Microsoft Edge Browser? Yes

Even though IE isn't obtainable for iOS, you might switch to Microsoft Edge. Microsoft released a variation of its Edge browser for the iPhone and iPad. You have the right to download Microsoft Edge from the App Store.

Edge existed on other platdevelops for a while prior to Microsoft lugged it to iOS. As an outcome, it as soon as appeared that Edge would likely never come to iPhone, yet then Microsoft released the iOS variation in early 2018. This is terrific news for Edge fans.

In addition to running Edge, tbelow are a couple of various other methods to use Microsoft browsers on an iPhone or iPad.

Change Your User Agent

You could be able to fool some websites that require IE into thinking it's running on your iPhone by altering your user agent. The user agent is a little bit of code that the internet browser provides to recognize itself to each webwebsite you visit. When you set your user agent to Safari on iOS (the default for iPhones and iPads), your web browser tells sites that that's what it is once you visit the website.

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If your iOS gadget is jailbroken, you can grab a user-agent switching app from Cydia (though remember that jailbreaking has actually its downsides). With among these apps, you can make Safari tell websites that it's many kind of various browsers, including IE. In some instances, this may be enough to obtain you right into the IE-just website you need.

If the website you're trying to visit needs IE because it supplies technologies that only Web Explorer supports, these apps won't be enough. They just adjust what Safari appears to be, not the fundamental technologies constructed into it.

Use a Remote Deskoptimal

Anvarious other method to usage IE on iOS is with a remote desktop computer program. Remote desktop computer programs permit you to log in to a computer system at your house or office over the internet utilizing your iPhone or iPad. When you execute that, you have access to all the papers and also programs on that computer, consisting of Net Explorer, if you mounted it tright here.

Using a remote desktop computer isn't for everyone. For one point, given that you have to stream information from the remote computer system to your iOS gadget, it's slower than using an application installed on your iPhone. For another, it's not somepoint that the average user will mostly have the ability to usage. It requires some technical ability or a corpoprice IT department to assist you connumber.

Alterindigenous Browsers for iPhone and iPad

If you're adamantly opposed to making use of Safari on your iPhone or iPad, you deserve to constantly attempt Chrome, accessible as a complimentary download from the App Store.

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Don't like Chrome, either? Tright here are a lot of alternate browsers obtainable for the iPhone and iPad, many type of of which sell functions not accessible on Safari or Chrome. Maybe one of them will be more to your liking.