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If your present computer deserve to run Office 2007, or if you just bought a new …

Emil Protalinski - Jan 25, 2010 5:03 pm UTC

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Microsoft has actually gave the final details for Microsoft Office 2010"s device needs. If your present computer system have the right to run Office 2007, or if you just bought a brand-new desktop/lapheight, it will be able to run Office 2010 (CPU and RAM demands for Office 2010 are the same as for Office 2007). If your computer deserve to run Office 2003, you"ll need to examine the requirements to make sure it"s up for Office 2010.

It"s worth noting that Office 2010 does not have recommfinished requirements (Microsoft has actually streamlined mechanism needs by no much longer separating "minimum" and also "recommended" requirements and also simply having one set). We"ve put together a comparikid table to show the minimum needs of Office 2003 and Office 2007 against the needs of Office 2010:

HardwareOffice 2003Office 2007Office 2010
Processor233MHz or higher500MHz or higher500MHz or higher
Memory128MB RAM or higher256MB RAM or higher256MB RAM or higher
Hard disk400MB1.5GB3.0GB
Display800 x 600 or higher1024x768 or higher1024x768 or higher

While CPU and RAM demands haven"t readjusted, the disk room requirements have actually, and also Microsoft says this is bereason of new functions, Office-wide Ribbon implementation, various SKUs that incorporate even more applications, and also of course generous rounding as much as the nearemainder fifty percent gigabyte. Microsoft also notes that a devoted graphics chipset will aid rise the performance of certain attributes (but Office 2010 will certainly still run without one); if your computer has actually a GPU, Office will certainly perform graphics rendering work (prefer illustration charts in Excel or transitions in PowerPoint) in the GPU instead of in the CPU, which must speed up performance.

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Office 201 will certainly additionally take advantage of multi-core processors.

In regards to operating systems supported for Office 2010, Microsoft states it prioritized each OS based on usage statistics and the design costs associated with ensuring compatibility and giving customer support for that OS.

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As you can see in the charts over, Windows XP 64-little and also Windows Server 2003 are both absent, which Microsoft admitted and also explained late last year. The software application giant has yet to information the requirements crucial to run Office Internet Apps, which will certainly be shipping via the remainder of Office 2010 in June 2010.