Syncing iphone with this itunes library will replace media from another itunes library

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Scared by iTunes error message: "The iPhone (Name) is synced via another iTunes Library on (Computer name). Do you desire to erase this iPhone and sync through this iTunes Library?"

No? Then you have to have when or twice encountered other equivalent error alerts prefer "Syncing iPhone (name) through this iTunes library will certainly replace media from an additional iTunes library on computer system (name)" or "Are you certain you want to rerelocate existing music, movies, TV shows, and publications from this iPhone and also sync with this iTunes library?"

iTunes Threa10s to Remove Existing Media Files on iPhone

What they have actually in prevalent is they all sell the comparable "erase and sync/sync and replace/rerelocate and sync" nuclear switch to streatment the sh*t out of you.

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Part 1: "iPhone Synced through Anvarious other iTunes Library" FAQWhat does this "iPhone is Synced with Anvarious other iTunes Library. Do you desire to erase this iPhone and also sync via this iTunes library" mean? Due to Apple ID restriction, the connection in between your iPhone and also iTunes is monogamy – one male one wife. Period.Should I hit "erase and sync" button? What will certainly happen? Though, according to Apple support, after clicking "erase and also sync/sync and replace/remove and sync" button, just the schosen type of iTunes related media from the old iTunes library will be removed. This is not a satismanufacturing facility explanation. Due to the fact that we are not identified of each file’s storing/deleting status at all. Syncing accompanied through obscure batch replacement and removal is not what we desire and won’t take us far. Part 2: What we want is to clearly KEEP Existing and also ADD NEW!

According to TekCarta"s databank, back in 2012, every U.S family members was already equipped via 3 computer systems on average, for various objectives including gaming, organization, individual use and also household share use. And buying a brand-new computer to replace the broken/obsolete ones additionally pushes us to build brand-new iTunes libraries. Isn"t it clear that it"s difficult for an iPhone user this particular day to stick with just one iTunes library on one computer all the moment, and syncing iPhone contents with more than one computer is unavoidable?

iTunes sticks to its old-fashioned one-on-one gadget syncing concept- "You deserve to only sync your iOS device with one iTunes library at a time". Besides, if you"re utilizing an iPhone, you can just add music or videos from a solitary iTunes Library. If you"re utilizing an iPad or iPod, you deserve to add music from multiple iTunes Libraries, yet videos from only one iTunes Library. This innate iTunes syncing/carrying limitation urges for a far better different syncing solution.

Enable manually manage music and also videos in iTunes
Syncing on Catalina Might be a Hassle for Offline Hoarders

Tip 1 Clicking on the iPhone icon in iTunes.

Tip 2 Go to Outline.

Tip 3 Stroll dvery own to Options.

Tip 4 Check the "Manually regulate music and videos" box.

Step 5 Click Apply.

Caution: Enabling the option "Manually regulate music and also videos" is just applicable to iTunes media contents and also you can drag them one by one or in batch from your iTunes library to your iPhone. Other papers consisting of contacts, sms, podcasts, voice memos have actually much less alternatives.

Bypass the inherent iTunes sync limitation
No information loss, no replacement: syncing through multiple libraries without Apple ID restrictionSelective Back-up Supported

DearMob offers 100% no-data-loss iPhone information monitoring solution - "sync without erasing" – the quickest and safest method to resolve iTunes error message: "iPhone is synced with another iTunes library, execute you desire to erase this iPhone and sync via this iTunes library?"

It keeps existing files and adds brand-new papers to your iPhone/iPad/iPod devices from multiple computer systems, so that individuals will certainly no longer suffer from the fear of information loss. Its one-to-multiple tool syncing feature permits videos, songs, photos, contacts, ringtones, papers, apps and so on to be included to iPhone/iPad/iPod from any kind of Windows 10 and also macOS computer systems in batch or selectively without replacing the entirety iOS inventory, taking manage of each file in a versatile manner.

To detail, even those oversized or iOS-incompatible video audio file formats/codecs consisting of FLAC, OGG, webM, will certainly be auto compressed and also converted to compatible ones before transfer. This undoubtedly provides video/audio to iOS transport even more efficiently done for immediate and also useful intake. "

Instead of clicking "Sync and also erase" button in iTunes, you can manually regulate all iPhone data in a extremely selective manner via DearMob iPhone Manager.

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Sync iPhone to iTunes without erasing/deletingTwo-way move without syncingSync one iPhone to multiple computer systems without shedding everythingSync multiple iPhone to one computer system without duplicating

Download DearMob iPhone Manager on Windows

Downfill DearMob iPhoone Manager on Mac

How to sync music video and all the various other data from one more iTunes library without deleting?

Prep 1. Free downfill DearMob iPhone Music Manager, install and launch it.

Prep 2. Connect your iPhone to computer.

DearMob iPhone Manager Deals with iOS information Flexibly

Step 1. Click on Music Manager >Add Music, or you deserve to directly drag and drop a song.

Step 2. Click on Video button > Add Video, or you deserve to straight drag and drop a video clip.

DearMob iPhone Manager"s increpsychological syncing via multiple Windows 10/macOS PCs have the right to surely build an reliable and also crystal iOS content monitoring for reliable day-to-day usage, properly tracking eextremely map of your file and also letting you to decide their leaving and continuing to be.

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Final words:

Acomponent from moving files easily, customers have the right to even export neighborhood songs, videos, contacts out from iOS tools to computer system for selective backups with encryption. Sensitive papers can be individually preserved locked on computer systems versus breach dangers.