Sync only checked songs and videos

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If you have actually a huge music library or an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch via restricted storage capacity, you might not want to sync eincredibly song in your iTunes library to your iOS mobile gadget. If you store and usage other kinds of content besides music, such as apps, videos, and e-books, you might desire to customize syncing. When you desire to manually manage music and transfer only certain songs to your gadget, uninspect songs in your iTunes library or usage the iTunes Sync screen.

If you are a member of Apple Music or have actually an iTunes Match subscription, iCloud Music Library is turned on. You can't manually regulate music.

Sync Only Checked Songs

To sync just checked songs in your iTunes library on your computer, you should initially make a setting change:





In the Library area of the sidebar, choose Songs to display screen a listing of all the songs in your iTunes library on your computer system.

If you don't check out the Library section, use the earlier arrow at the peak of the sidebar to locate it.

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Place a checkmark alongside the name of any song you desire to deliver to your iOS mobile device. Rerelocate the checkmark alongside the names of songs you don't desire to sync to your iOS tool.

To select contiguous items, click the item at the beginning of the group you want to unexamine, organize Shift, then click the item at the finish. All the songs in in between will certainly obtain checkmarks. To pick non-contiguous items, hold down Command on a Mac or Control on a COMPUTER and click each item you desire to check or uninspect.

Use the Sync Music Screen

Another means to make certain just the particular songs sync is to connumber your choices in the Sync Music screen.

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Place a checknote beside any kind of item you want to sync with your iOS tool. You can sync playlists, artists, genres, or albums.