Sync only checked songs and videos is greyed out

When you want to add music to your iOS gadget, you could find iTunes sync greyed out. Read this passage to know why are the songs uneasily accessible and the sync option is unclickable and also quickly settle it.

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/ Last Updated January 14, 2021


iTunes sync greyed out on Windows 10

I have 300+ songs in iTunes library on my Dell computer system and also wish to deliver them to my iPhone 11. After I plugged my iPhone into computer and also gained prepared to sync music to iPhone, I discovered that the switch Sync is greyed out in Outline. How can I resolve this?

- Concern from Apple Community

Music is a good companion in life. You could purchase and also downpack many type of albums from iTunes store. Listening to music on computer is not enough, so you desire to import them to iPhone by iTunes so you don’t have to take a lengthy time to downfill them aobtain.


Sometimes you will find the iTunes Sync switch greyed out or component of iTunes music library cannot be checked, or Add to device alternative greyed out so you can’t transfer music to iPhone. The causes will certainly be described in the next area, follow this passage to understand the worry and also conveniently fix it.

Section 1. Why is iTunes sync greyed out?

To import music to iPhone, just affix iPhone to iTunes through USB cable > click the device button of iPhone > pick Music area > inspect Sync Music > pick music from iTunes library > inspect Sync button.


If you discover the Sync button is greyed out and is not clickable. The reasons generally come from iTunes itself, system glitches, or wrong configuration. The ultimate way to solve this problem is totally uninstalling iTunes and its accessories and also then reinstalling it.

Some iTunes settings and iPhone settings must be readjusted to help you efficiently import music to iPhone.

Section 2. How to solve iTunes sync switch greyed out?

Before trying the adhering to approaches to resolve the worry, you have to make sure the USB connection is OK. If you have actually a problem that iTunes can not backup iPhone for disconnecting, you should inspect USB cable, USB port, and also driver. Rebooting iPhone will be additionally beneficial.

#1 Disable iCloud Music Library on iPhone

iCloud Music Library needs to be turned off on iPhone, or you can’t drag and drop music to iPhone.

1. Go to Setups app on iPhone.

2. Locate and choose Music

3. Switch off iCloud Music Library.


Note: Turn off iCloud Music Library and you will certainly obtain the warning that all the music from iCloud will certainly be deleted. You could permit it later on and downpack music aacquire, yet this will likewise erase the music synced from iTunes. To save all your songs, you have the right to usage the software in the following area to conserve them all.

#2 Check Manually control music and videos

If you can’t select the songs from computer, iTunes demands to be approve permission to sync songs.

1. Connect iPhone to iTunes with USB cable and click the device symbol to enter Synopsis.

2. Scroll down the display screen to discover and examine Manually regulate music and videos.


#3 Sexactly how list check out tickboxes

If you uncover the option Sync only checked songs and videos greyed out or some of your songs in iTunes library are greyed out. You can let them be selectable.

1. Click Edit in iTunes and also choose Preferences.

2. In General area, inspect list view tickboxes.

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Tips: If your songs could be listened to on computer system, however find iTunes songs greyed out on COMPUTER as soon as you sync music with iTunes, the possible reason might be intellectual residential property.

#4 Click Apply to occupational like clicking Sync

After you choose all the music you want to sync from computer to iPhone, just to discover tbelow is no option Sync at the bottom of the screen, you just must click the switch Apply beside the storage indevelopment.

#5 Completely uninstall iTunes and also reinstall it

If you have actually tried rebeginning iTunes or updating iTunes but still not solve the trouble, you need to fully rerelocate iTunes, together with the system glitches from your computer.

1. Press Windows Key + R and also input Control to open Control Panel.

2. Find and click iTunes to uninstall it.

3. Uninstall Apple Software Update, Apple Mobile Device Support, Bonjour, Apple Application Support in order

4. Download and install the latest iTunes aacquire.


Section 3. The much easier method to sync music from PC to iPhone

To be hocolony, iTunes is not a good software application to sync music, bereason it always desires to carry out it in Apple’s way and also the operation and rules are facility so that you find it is tough to usage and also frequently faibrought about import the needed songs and other data. It is time to try a new way to sync music.

AOMEI MBacktop is an excellent cost-free iPhone music deliver. It would be exceptionally straightforward to share music between iPhone and computer system or iPhone and iPhone via it.

● Free Software: You cold deliver limitless music through AOMEI MBacktop for totally free.

Simple to Use: You just must drag and drop music from COMPUTER to iPhone with AOMEI MBackupper.

Widely Compatible: It supports all the iOS gadgets including iPhone 12/11, iPad 8/Air 4.

Tip 1. Downfill AOMEI MBacktop and connect iPhone to computer with USB cable.


Secure Download

Tip 2. Select Transfer to iPhone on the residence display.


Tip 3. Drag and drop music to the box or click the plus symbol to select and include music from computer system.


Tip 4. Click Transfer to sync music to iPhone.



iTunes is an often-supplied tool to sync music to iPhone. What to perform if you find iTunes sync greyed out and also can’t import music or other information to iPhone? The 5 techniques in this passage will certainly settle iTunes sync switch greyed out worry.

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AOMEI MBackupper is a much better tool than iTunes to transfer music. You deserve to try it to move documents from PC to iPad or iPhone.