Symantec definitions out of date

I just implement Symantec Manger in the past 2 month. At initially whatever looks fine. However, in the previous 2 weeks. I gained virtually everyday these alert: CRITICAL: OLD VIRUS DEFINITIONS

I can not go to each computer to manually update. Instead, from Symantec Manager, I choose "Run command: Update Content and Scan" on every one of this computer systems through out-dated content. I even Run Command also to restart these computer systems. 

However, these actions didn"t assist. I still obtain CRITICAL: OLD VIRUS DEFINITIONS everyday through the very same variety of outdated computer systems. 

My question is that why some computers they have the right to auto-upday the content. Why are tbelow some can"t. And also after I Run Command to upday the content, these computers are still having actually outdated virus meaning. 

Could someone help me via this?

Thank you. 


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Jun 24, 2020 at 18:39 UTC

From the Broadcom knowledge base:


This issue occurs as soon as interpretations offered by the Symantec Endsuggest Protection Manager are older than the amount of days configured in the Antivirus and also Antispyware (or Virus and also Spyware) defense policy prior to an outdated meanings alert will certainly appear.

If the meanings on the SEP client and also SEPM server are much less than 24 hrs old, the Antivirus and Antispyware plan is likely configured to warn after meanings are one (1) day out of date. This is versus ideal practices as brand-new interpretations are not made accessible immediately at midnight.

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This concern can be reresolved by ensuring that the virus definition policy provided by influenced clients provides sufficient time before warning around outdated meanings. The configured time should be no reduced than the amount of time it takes all clients in the setting to receive updated interpretations plus one day.

To modify the virus meaning policy"s alert settings:

Note: This procedure does not use to SEP 12.1 Small Business Edition.

Log into the SEPM console and click the Policies tab.Under View Policies, click Antivirus and Antispyware Policies.For 12.1.x, look under Policies for Virus and also Spyware Protection.In the Antivirus and also Antispyware Policies pane, right-click the policy used by the impacted clients and also then pick Edit....Under Windows Settings, click Miscellaneous.You may need to look under Advanced Options.In the Miscellaneous pane, click the Notifications tab.Set the Days before a warning shows up in Symantec Endallude Protection value to the number of days calculated as "safe" for the affected clients.If you want to display a pop-up message on the client computer, check Display a notification message on the client computer. Click Message... to customize the message the individuals will certainly watch.You cannot specify a duration of time in the time of which SEP automatically suppresses the next follow-up notice.Click OK. This will certainly conserve the alters to the policy. 

Note: When the out-of-day interpretation problem is triggered, you might view the alert message pop up multiple times on the SEP client. This notice proceeds to pop up till the interpretations are present (as characterized by the SEPM policy).

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To protect against seeing this message more than as soon as on the client, on the pop-up notification window, click Don"t remind me aacquire till after the following upday, and also then click Cshed.