Switch download paused

I tried to play some Fortnite, the game asked to be updated and rebegan to run. Closed the game, hit +, looked for upday and also began downloading and install the upday. Or trying to at leastern. The downpack is stuck at 0% saying « paused » through no alternative to unpause/rebegin whatsoever.

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I’ve tried every little thing, switched to another link, rebegan the Switch several times, unplugging my SD card, turning on and off airplane mode, opening and also cshedding another game. Nothing functions I’m stuck on 0% I have no clue just how to fix it...

Anyone had actually this issue before ?

Edit : A sneaky update was happening on another game and also I didn’t see it, problem solved. Thanks for all your answers!



Chances are there's an update running for an additional game. Go look via your library and examine for updates being downloaded

This occurred to me. Turns out that Mario + rabbids decided to upday without telling me, and it was ideal at the end so it took me forever before to figure out.

Make certain you're not running an additional game via virtual capcapability (even if you're not actually playing online).

Power cycle the console (host the power button for 12 or so seconds till it's completely off, then start it again).

Disconnect/reattach WiFi and rebegin your rexternal. Make certain the mechanism is online and also can access the Internet (there's a link test in settings if you're not sure).

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'Uninstall' / reinstall the game (redownpack from the profile section on the eShop).

One of those have to carry out the trick.

Are you presently using any kind of various other software program that provides the internet connection? The switch just likes one application using the internet at a time

Well I imagined it was the issu however after turning the console off a number of times nopoint need to be running

Check if you still have enough empty area on your interior or sd-card in the mechanism settings, updays can ask for a large amount of complimentary room sometimes.

Run a link test in the mechanism settings; if it's effective the issue is via Fortnite. Try the upday again later on.

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