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Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Heb. 1:1

Verse 1 states, “God, who at sundry times and in divers manners spake in time previous unto the fathers by the prophets.”

The Book of Hebrews starts through God. My Cambridge Scriptures and my Online Bible has a note at the finish of the book that says, “Written to the Hebrews from Italy by Timothy.” The notes prefer this were put tbelow by guy and also are not motivated.

Unger in his Bible dictionary states that the “style and vocabulary are not specifically Pauline.” He does not think Paul created it. But he says, Eusebius, Origin, Athanasius, and also others hosted that it was written by Paul.”

I have actually examined the interior evidence and tright here are great points to be made that Paul is not the author. As such for a lengthy time I would say, “The huguy author shelp .. . .” But my last time through in composing a short commentary on this book, it began to sound so much choose Paul that I started to say, “Paul said . . .” What I am sure of is that it is the influenced Word of God.. A former reader of these morning meditations asked me, “I would be interested to recognize just why you changed your mind and now believe that Paul created Hebrews?” My answer was “I readjusted bereason it sounds prefer Paul.” Now I understand that that is not a healthy answer. But the factor I am even commenting on this is that we should technique our minds not to dwell on our disagreements with others over trivial points. The humale author is not important. The inspiration of Hebrews by the Holy Spirit of God is. No matter how many type of disagreements you make in favor of the perkid you think created Hebrews, you have NO AUTHORITY FOR YOUR ARGUMENT because we are not told in Hebrews who composed it.

Whoever wrote Hebrews (Paul - Ha) began with the word “God.” Words God is discussed in Hebrews 67 times. That is most times for one small book. Just to point out a few:

1.The angels are referred to as “angels of God in 1:6.

2.The Son of God is referred to as God in 1:8. In this verse God calls Jesus God. That must resolve idea in the deity of Christ for anyone.

3.God is shelp to have anointed the Son in 1:9.

4.God is shelp to bear witness with miracles, signs, and also wonders through the minisattempt of the early on church. In various other words, God authenticated the pgetting to of the Apostles, and also others that followed them, by working supernormally in a demonstrative way to cause the hearers to acknowledge that the message they preached was from God. We have actually the BIBLE this particular day.

5.Jesus is shelp to be the Manifestor of God’s grace via His incarcountry, fatality, and also resurrection in 2:9.

6.God is sassist to make reconciliation in 2:17.

7.God is the builder of all points in 3:4.

If you are interested, it would be excellent to research the 67 times where the name God is discovered in this book.

Then he says, “that at sundry times.” This entirety phrase is the translation of one compound word “polumeros,” the initially of which means, “much, huge,” and also the various other definition, “one of the constituent components of a totality.” It means that God spoke “a lot in many type of “fragments.” God’s revelation was not finish until He spoke in Jesus Christ His Son. This verse faces an accumulation of the various means and also locations God revealed Himself to man in the Old Testament.

The words “divers manners” implies that God did not have actually a collection pattern. He may appear in a dream. Then aget, He might appear to be a male as in Abraham’s case. It is dubbed a Theophany type of. All these revelations wright here God spoke to guy were revelations of His will and Person to guy as God wanted at that certain time. One might think that these revelations of God were as well limited for male to really know God. It was sufficient for Abraham to offer his Son Isaac believing that the God he offered would raise him from the dead if the sacrifice was made. It was sufficient to solicit belief so that Abraham “thought in the LORD; and he counted it to him for righteousness” (Gen. 15:6). (Abraham was conserved the same way we are this particular day. God has actually never had yet one arrangement of salvation and never before will).

The word “spake” translates “laleo” and suggests, “to utter a voice or emit a sound, to utter articulate sounds.” It is an aorist energetic participle. The aorist tense is speaking of the suggest of time where magnificent utterance was made by the prophets.. The energetic voice means that God was the origin of what the prophets were saying. They were males whose messeras was not opinions. These prophets were not philosophers. They were humale voices of the invisible God. God offered His word to the father’s by them. It was “therefore saith the LORD.” Let me say this in another means. God spoke to Abraham straight. He is among the fathers. But this was not the normal. The normal was that God had someone referred to as a prophet to whom He offered a message to deliver to the fathers.

When David sinned, God sent out Nathan via a message of judgment and also grace. When the leaders of Israel sinned and came under the cquickening of God, God raised up men like Isaiah, Jeremiah and others too countless to name. In Isaiah the words “Thus saith the LORD” are discovered 35 times. Tright here are others phrases that expect the same thing. In Jeremiah this phrase is found 147 times. It is uncovered 126 times in Ezekiel. God offered the prophets to sheight to the fathers.

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Tright here have actually constantly been males who walked via God to whom God could confide. The “fathers” in this verse is identifying leaders of the clans or tribes. Leaders need to understand God and be on speaking terms with Him (choose Abraham) so that he could lead his family to think in and understand God. It was not true in many cases. But God always had someone though whom He can provide His message.

While God has actually spoken in finality in the perchild of His Son (Heb. 1:2) which indicates that God is no longer speaking in that means, He still fellowships and reveals Himself through Christ to believers that select to walk through Him. Let’s have actually as our goal a walk via God wherein it is evident to others. Not simply be strict rules that we are willing to store, however by the fruit of the Spirit manifest in our stays which is an evidence of God’s existence now.