Hello! Today I want to talk about two wonderful commodities that are similar but likewise different. They are Sunday Riley Good Genes and Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum! A lot of my friends have been asking me which one do I choose better? Which one is more effective? So I think I"m just going to explain here on the blog.

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Yes, both commodities have some similarities. Both are chemical exfoliants containing AHA, both are on the pricier side of the spectrum, however various other than that, they"re pretty a lot various.

In order to recognize even more about the distinctions between these 2 incredible exfoliants, please save reading!
First of all, Good Genes supplies lactic acid as the main exfoliant (Sunday Riley also released a glycolic acid version which I have actually not tried) while TLC Framboos provides glycolic acid. Both are exfoliating acids but they are extremely different.
Glycolic acid has actually the smallest molecule compared to the various other AHAs, which means it can penetrate really deep right into the skin and also aid increase collagen manufacturing. Once applied, glycolic acid reacts via the upper layer of the epidermis, weakening the bond of lipids that organize dead skin cells together. Glycolic acid is likewise known as tyrosinase inhibitor - which suggests it"s able to suppush melanin formation and also evening out skin tone.
Lactic acid has actually bigger molecule, therefore it does not penetrate the skin as deep as glycolic acid does. As the Queen of Skintreatment, Caroline Hirons defined here, lactic acid dissolves the glue in in between cells on the surchallenge. Thus lactic acid is gentler than gylcyolic acid, it keeps the skin soft and also it gently eats amethod dead skin cells.
For me, personally, I prefer glycolic acid, it"s much faster, it"s more effective and it has anti-aging properties (beware, it increases photosensitivity too). I have actually combination and acne-at risk skin and also my skin have the right to handle glycolic acid pretty well. However before, lactic acid is not that bad, I still like them bereason they are gentle and much less possibility of irritations and damaging the skin obstacle.
So going earlier to the 2 commodities, Good Genes is a lactic acid based exfoliant that need to be used at night. It"s packaged in a glass bottle via a pump and also the product itself is prefer a white lotion. On my initially time of using it, it tingles, but the more often you usage it, your skin will certainly acquire used to it. Good Genes gives me softer skin in the morning, yet it doesn"t perform a lot assist around clogged pores. Another problem I have actually through most lactic acid based product is the smell. I also uncover Good Genes a tiny little bit thick in texture.
TLC Framboos on the other hand, is a clear gel through no scent at all. Packed in an opaque bottle via a pump. Similar to Good Genes (I mean, they"re all acids, right?), there"s a tingling sensation on the first few days but then my skin simply gets provided to it. From my individual suffer, TLC Framboos has aided proccasion clogged pores and I wake approximately softer and also glowing skin.
If I have to pick one, I"d pick the Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum (oh my god what a prolonged name), because I choose glycolic acid, and also my skin is combicountry, I acquire the majority of blackheads, whiteheads and also clogged pores in certain components of my skin, this product is really beneficial in preventing those. FYI, I started out with Sunday Riley Good Genes, I chosen it - I tolerated the scent, however once I decided to try glycolic acid, I"ve been converted. I still favor Good Genes, however I like TLC Framboos because it provides me the outcome I want and also it supplies the acid that functions best on my skin.

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Comparing Good Genes and also TLC Framboos is silly, bereason these are 2 various commodities. If you"re reasoning of obtaining one of these, learn about your skin form, what products have actually you provided, and also what outcomes perform you want. If you have actually sensitive skin, you must try Good Genes because it"s gentler on the skin, but if you"re supplied to exfoliating acids, or if you desire the anti-aging benefits of glycolic acid, go for the TLC Framboos. It all depends on your skin kind and what your skin demands.

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