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How can the default font be adjusted for the Windows 7 Sticky Notes application? I can"t stand also that faux handwriting font it provides.

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Here"s a .reg file you can simply double-click that will adjust the Segoe fonts to the Consolas within the regisattempt. Created and also tested working on Windows 8.1 Preview


Linked code:

REGEDIT4"Segoe Publish (TrueType)"="consola.ttf""Segoe Publish Bold (TrueType)"="consolab.ttf"Log out and the font supplied by the Sticky Notes application must be legible.


Tright here are workarounds.

If you cut-and-paste text from another regimen, let"s say Word, to a Sticky Note, that note will certainly take on the original fonts the text remained in.

To change dimension, luckily tright here are key-board shortcuts...

Ctrl + Change + > provides the font bigger

Ctrl + Change + provides the font smaller

There is a finish list of keyboard shortcuts accessible here.



I know this is an old question, however I have actually an answer that could be much better than deleting the font, but will still render the Segoe Publish font useless.In the regisattempt, you can change the font that Windows thinks is Segoe Print and Segoe Publish Bold

Navigate to:HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionFontsFirst, export that vital so you have a backup.Find Segoe Print (TrueType)Change the worth to the file name of any kind of various other font that you wish to usage that is already installed (navigate that regisattempt essential to find others).Do the very same for the "Segoe Print Bold (TrueType)" and also enhance it to the Bold version of this font.Then, log out and also earlier on.
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There is a workroughly for the default font in sticky notes.

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The default typeface for notes is Segoe Publish and also if you do not usage this font for anypoint else you have the right to delete it from your system, after which sticky notes will certainly usage MS Sans Serif as the default font.

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Answer by NudeRaider

You can downfill a .MUI editor and modify the sticky notes mui file and change the font to whatever before you want.


First of all thanks for the guideline with the MUI file. With it I can effectively change the default font the sticky notes are making use of. Btw. plain notepad functions fine for modifying.

To solve the access denied trouble you need to be administrator, and also take control of the file initially and then include full accessibility perobjectives for your user name.

Step by step: - best click the file -> properties - Security tab -> progressed - Owner tab -> edit - click your user name -> OK - Pergoals tab -> change permissions - include... - enter your user name (or click advanced to search for it) -> OK - click the peak left examine box (allow > full access) -> OK - OK -> OK -> OK that"s it, currently you have the right to access the file.

Then you deserve to remove the write defense but you still can"t overcreate the file because notepad doesn"t let you save in that folder. So save the edited MUI file somewhere else and also copy it right into the en-us folder. Then restart your computer or it won"t take impact.

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Also note that the en-us folder depends on your mechanism language (e.g. de-de for german), however the filename itself constantly remains StikyNot.exe.mui.