Sticky keys windows xp

When I push transition five times, I get a "StickyKeys" dialog. It does not mather if I press OK, Cancel or Settings, the next time I press shift 5 times, the dialog comes up aacquire.

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Also, I don"t have actually a Accessibility Options item in my Control Panel, nor carry out I have actually a access.cpl file on my C drive.

Anyone an idea?



You can disable it in the regisattempt.

Start -> Run -> EnterType regedit and press enternavigate to adjust the worth of Flags to 10navigate to change the worth of Flags to 122navigate to readjust the worth of Flags to 58

or if you do not use any kind of of the access functions, you deserve to delete the whole Accessibility essential (ago it up initially in situation you require it later though).

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Press transition 5 times aget to carry up the stickytricks dialog. Click "settings". Uncheck "Use Stickykeys" AND click "Settings". Uncheck "Use Shortcut".


Another concern that frequently come up is exactly how to turn off FilterKeys. You can do that by To holding down both Change Keys.


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