Steam interface too small

Hello it"s posible to make bigger the UI of steam?? the letters are really bit in 2K monitor.. and also after a couple of minutes start to hurt.... so there"s any kind of mode to make the letters bigger on steam??? (not the web of steam)


i don"t have that choice tbelow...

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the just check box i have on vapor --> settings.-> interchallenge are the next:

1-pack heavy steam on startup2-start steam on significant picture3-present the steam directions once it"s posible4-something about activate render GPU in web views5-active directwrite for a much better performance6-active decodificator video making use of hardware if posible

7-some notifications about games and so on...

Are you utilizing some outdated version of Steam?Afaik that"s the only explacountry why there might be some establishing options missing for you, as tright here is no "professional mode" to unlock even more options.

Edit: Maybe try switching to English as your interchallenge language.

the just examine box i have actually on heavy steam --> settings.-> interchallenge are the next:

1-pack heavy steam on startup2-begin heavy steam on substantial picture3-present the vapor directions once it"s posible4-somepoint around activate render GPU in web views5-active directwrite for a much better performance6-active decodificator video making use of hardware if posible

7-some notifications around games and so on....


no, i don"t even have any kind of skin on heavy steam. it literally there"s no check box favor the image of the male that answered me above

I deserve to watch your image. Weird. Try transforming language to English and watch if it shows up. I do not think it will however will not hurt to attempt.

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This is definitely weird. Maybe attempt reinstalling steam? Or as a last retype, attempt editing and enhancing the config file manually.

As with you, I have actually an empty space wbelow that alternative need to be. My only tip would certainly be to to try altering the DPI scaling in your screen settings, then restart and the option might probably show up. I"m basing that guess on the fact that the setting defines corresponding the monitor setting, so you might should have a non-traditional DPI setting for it to show up, yet I can"t restart to test it ideal now.

I do not have that establishing either. I am making use of Windows 7, possibly it is a attribute that just functions through Windows 10. Or probably it just mirrors up if you have Windows scaling set to something various other than 100%.

You have the right to always attempt substantial image mode. Click on the grey symbol near the top right that has the two arrows in it pointing at the corners.(To departure substantial picture later on, click on the power icon beside the clock at the top appropriate, and also you have the right to departure steam, leave huge picture mode, and so on.)

I just expected the fonts seem to be bigger making use of significant picture mode and might be huge enough for you that means.

I do not have a font setting alternative in either the regular application or big photo.

You might have an additional option to attempt - cshed heavy steam, uncover the vapor exe file in traveler, best click it and go to the compatibility tab. Tbelow should be an choice tbelow about display scaling on high DPI settings - if it"s checked attempt unchecking it and also push OK all the way dvery own and also then view if that provides a distinction.

As for the lacking option I guess by your screenshot that you"re utilizing windows 7 which can be the factor it"s not tright here - for high DPI and also 4K display screens 7 is unfortunately method less knowledgeable than 10, so an upgrade is most likely in your finest interest.

I do not have that alternative to scale text either (using Success 7 also). I think your only choice can be to discover and downpack a practice skin that looks acceptable to you. Or you could try tailoring the default skin yourself. That"s what I did. I didn"t care for any kind of brand-new architecture or colors I just wanted to enhuge the font sizes.

Here"s a comparikid of my UI


and how i can adjust the font sizes?? because i only want that.... i want to have the ability to check out during even more than 10 seconds without make my eyes bleed

It"s not precisely quick or simple. You need to go right into the skin records and adjust the settings you want however Steam doesn"t really tell you which font is for what food selection so a lot of it is trial and also error. I"ve regulated to discover out the settings for the majority of of the menus though.

I could sfinish you my tradition skin and then you can view how you choose it however I"m on 1080p and you"re on 2k so it will certainly still have to be changed more than likely. I guess you could tell me what menus you desire bigger and I could do it as long as you"re not as well picky around it.

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Hey, I know this a year old article, but deserve to you sfinish me your customer skin ? I also tried manually changing the fonts and also it worked for some time till Steam decided to readjust somepoint and also it broke my skin. I"m on a 2715 x 1527 resolution via fonts at 150% and it still does not job-related - the default vapor skin is offering me small text in the majority of screens

I don"t have actually the skin anymore I upgraded to Windows 10 over a year earlier. I assumed I conserved a copy of it but I can"t seem to discover it or I deleted it, in addition to all the notes of what to change in the documents :/

You can try downloading and install one of those official tradition skins prefer Metro or Air and also see if it renders it look better. Sorry about that.