Start lg g4 in safe mode

Safe Mode enables customers to access the unit while running just the basic requirements and also default settings. Safe Mode is finest provided to troubleshoot situations when the phone is having challenges loading as a result of an installed application or virus and enable the user to rerelocate the malicious application or software.

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Note: Some Settings, Menus, or Icons might differ from that of your device depending on your software version and wiremuch less company provider.

There are 2 approaches to location your phone in Safe Mode:

Press and also organize the physical power switch.

On the display press and also organize the power off button


On the warning to enter Safe Setting, push OK.


Note: The phone will rebegin in Safe Setting.

Turn the phone off by pushing the power switch and also choose power off.

Turn the phone on while pressing and also holding the volume down key.

Note: The phone deserve to also enter Safe Mode immediately if the operating mechanism gets corrupt or an application prevents it from booting generally. Safe Mode is determined by the word Safe Mode shown in the lower left corner.

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To exit Safe Mode, rebegin the gadget. If safe mode is still energetic, there might be an worry with a newly downloaded app or the Operating System.

To rerelocate freshly downloaded apps:

From the Home display, tap Apps

> Settings
> General Tab > Apps.

Scroll sideways to downloaded.

Select the last application mounted.

Select Uninstall.

Once the application uninstalls, restart the phone.

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Note: If this does not deal with the concern, you may have to delete other formerly set up apps. If still not working, the last alternative is to carry out a factory reset, click here for more information.