I have a full coop (4 chickens). They developed eggs nearly eincredibly day in the winter and early on spring yet currently they seem to be making them only once eexceptionally few days and also occasionally not also all of them. I have actually just gotten a big Egg once.

My coop has four bails of hay on the tstormy and 45 spots inside of a hardtimber fence via about fifty percent of that filled via grass (they have actually quit eating the hay.) Tbelow is no heater and it is the 24th day of spring. I try and pet them eextremely day. Tright here is a Bee hive inside of this space but it has actually been there for a while. Two chickens have actually 2 hearts and also 2 have actually 3+ hearts.

It"s possible that I am simply unlucky however what are points that particularly make chickens uphappy that I need to look out for?

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Firstly, this is just how egglaying functions, from what I"ve read on the internet and my very own endure in game.

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Chickens will certainly usually lay one egg eincredibly day, yet will sometimes not. I have actually had actually three chickens for even more than an ingame year, and finding just two eggs in the morning is rare, but not difficult. Ducks, on the various other hand also, will certainly usually lay one egg eexceptionally 2 days.Getting big eggs is affected by the animal"s friendship, however it"s possible at any kind of level.

Chickens" friendship will certainly, prefer NPCs", rise slightly eextremely day you pet them, and also decrease by a really little amount every day you execute not pet them. If the chickens do not have access to any kind of food (grass or hay), their friendship will decrease every day. In the winter, their friendship will certainly decrease slightly eexceptionally day if tbelow is not a heater in their coop.

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However before, tbelow is one other element that does not seem to be regarded happiness, however has a big impact on whether they will certainly lay eggs or not. Leaving the coop door open seems to have a huge opportunity to reason chickens not to lay eggs, as I"ve uncovered my coop (10 animals) with absolutely no items in the morning after a night through the door open, however this does not happen eincredibly day.

What happens as soon as you pet them? Do they react positively (heart) or negatively (grumble icon)?