Reader-inserts with the Jedi, clones, bounty hunters and sith of the Clone Wars Era. Because honestly life"s too short not to love yourself and selfship with animated Star Wars characters.

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The Giant Rat that Makes All of the Rules

(More Switch!) giving him a drawing? Piggyback rides? Falling asleep on top him? Cuddles? Getting pregnant?

If you give Switch a drawing, he’ll be absolutely touched and literally keep it forever.

He’s more than happy to carry you places on his back, especially if it inconveniences people he doesn’t like.

If you fall asleep on him he’s just gonna keep doing what he’s doing. He’s not at all phased by it. You might wake up when he gets fidgety though because he CANNOT sit still ever.

Likewise, cuddles with him are gonna be….eventful. He moves around a lot in his sleep so he might accidentally knock you off the bed.

If his s/o go pregnant he’d be sooo happy and would not be able to shut up about it for weeks.

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(Headcanon request: romantic/dating h/cs for Captain Keeli)

- He’d be more than willing to take his time in romancing you, starting out slow with very subtle flirting and moving up to little gifts and sincere declarations of his feelings for you. By the time he asks you out you are totally, completely crushing on him (just like he intended) and are thrilled to say yes.

- Lots of playful arguing/banter with him. And even when it’s just a lighthearted thing, he’s always right. He just is. He’s not an ass about it but you will not get him to admit he’s wrong. (unless he absolutely and totally screwed up and can’t deny it)

-He’s very playful about kisses and affectionate touches - like he’s as much a fan of long, deep, passionate kisses as the next guy but his favorite thing are light, sweet little pecks in places he knows you’re super-ticklish.

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Rowan Drabble #2

(Combined tworequests:“Rowan comes back from a mission with a beautiful gift ofjewelry for his s/o” and“Rowan sees his s/o dressed up fancy for the first time.”)

He’s getting some odd looks from the other troopers. Rowan can understand that - nobody really cares which squad or platoon or regiment you’re with when you’re trying to save as many men as you can, diving into an arriving gunship. So he doesn’t know the names of these brothers, and they’re probably wondering why he won’t stop taking out the intricately braided cord with the twisted gold pendant. Why he won’t stop watching the way it flashes in the minimal light as they head for the safety of a Jedi cruiser.

Rowan’s fine with that. He doesn’t care. Under his helmet he smiles and laughs quietly to himself. It’s perfect for you. You’re going to love it. Missing you all this time he’s been gone has been a dull ache in his chest, but now it’s sharpened painfully. All he can think of is you.

I’m coming, my love, my dear one. He doesn’t say the words out loud. But he thinks them very intensely and hopes none of the Jedi can hear him. I’m coming home to you!


“I hate this and I’m not afraid to admit it!” you say around the fancy hairpins clasped between your teeth.“I’m just a technician. Why do I have to dress up so fancy?”

Jora, your co-worker and self-described“stylist” shrugs and makes a non-committal“I don’t know” sound.“Some bigwig senator is coming on board. Gotta make things pretty for him.”

You growl softly under your breath.“I’m things now?”

“Tsk. You know what I meant, you goof. Now stand still. I need to finish your makeup.”

“Jora!” you complain.

“Don’t move!” she insists, coming at you with a brush laden with some powder or other.“You want to look like a paint factory attacked your face?”

“That’s what I’m gonna look like anyway.” You can’t tell her the real reason you’re so resistant to this - Rowan’s due back on board today. What if you’re so prettied up he doesn’t recognize you?

“There. You look hot.” Jora stands back to admire her work.“You may go.”

You shoot her one last grumpy glare as you escape into the corridor. The dress uniform you’re wearing is stiff, itchy and uncomfortable.

“Stupid monkey suit,” you mutter angrily, shifting so it’s not so uncomfortable as you walk.“Stupid senator, stupid face paint…stupid, stupid, stupid!”

You round the corner and slip on the polished floor - only to be caught by a pair of strong, white-clad arms.

“Careful,” says a deep voice through the trooper’s helmet. Your scowl melts into a delighted grin.


Forgetting his armor and your uncomfortable uniform you throw your arms around him, and his enfold you. He takes off his helmet then, and lets his dark braid swing free.“My love,” he murmurs.“The stars are in their right places now that you’re beside me.”

You giggle.“You use such pretty words, Ro.”

“Nothing compared to you…” he freezes with one hand in the middle of stroking your hair, and frowns.“Look up?”

You groan and tilt your face up toward his.“I know. It looks stupid. Jora says there’s some nerf-herding senator coming on board and we all have to look presentable.”

He says nothing for a few minutes - an uncomfortably long time. You search his face - his dark face, the glitter of his brown eyes, the scruff of his beard.“Rowan?” you say timidly.

With absolute gentleness, he takes your face in both hands and gathers you to him, pressing his lips to yours with a sigh of satisfaction and peace; even as your eyes drift shut you make out the lines of his shoulders relaxing.

With his hands still cradling the sides of your face, he leans his forehead against yours.“Forgive me,” he breathes.“I was simply…struck dumb. I’m surprised I didn’t go blind from how lovely you are.”

“Rowan!” you gasp, heat rising to your face.“You’re a shameless flatterer, you know that?”

“Not at all.” He draws you even closer to him, like he’s making up for the time you were apart by removing all space between you.“Is it flattery if I simply speak what I know to be true?”

“Oh gosh.” You look down, burying your face in your hands.“You’re gonna kill me with saying stuff like that.”

“I hope not. Then I’d never get to give you your present.”

“Present?” You tilt your head sideways, and he laughs.

“You know you look like a baby tooka when you do that?”

“What is it?” you ask, and again he laughs at you. Then, from somewhere in his armor, he pulls out a beautiful necklace - a golden pendant shaped like a flurry of wind that’s been frozen, on a cord of tiny braided leather strands.

“Oh, it’s gorgeous,” you breathe, watching the pendant flash in the light.“Where did you get this?”

He looks away, slightly embarassed.“Well…Cat stole it from the planet. Crow liked the shiny thing and stole it from Cat. I thought it would look nice on you, so I took it from Crow.”

“You brought me stolen jewelry?” you ask, fastening it around your neck. He blushes slightly.

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“I’m sorry. I should’ve paid for it, or…something.”

“You kidding?” you say, admiring it.“This is fantastic. Besides, it’s actually kind of badass.”


“Yes, really.” You stand back from him with your hands on your hips, striking a pose.“How do I look?”

His face softens as he takes in the sight of you, lips parting slightly in a tiny smile of wonder.“If I were struck blind in the next instant, I could die a happy man knowing I’d already lived to see the most beautiful being in the universe.”

In that moment, you decide to not care about Jora’s rules or the senator or looking presentable. Because when Rowan uses words like that? Well…let’s just say your makeup is about to get very smudged.

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