The Ghost Crew was on a mission. They needed to steal some supplies from an Imperial base however somepoint had to go wrong....

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Now Kanan and also Ezra were blocking shots from Stormtroopers while Hera was acquiring ready to take off. Suddenly while deflecting shots a little whimper was heard coming from the Padawan.

"Ezra ! "Kanan yelled and looked at the younger boy next to him. Ezra continued delfecting shots yet he was holding his other arm tightly.

"Y-Yeah...,I'm....*pant*.... grazed by.. a blaster shot"The boy shelp however lied as he rerelocated his grip on the arm, pretending prefer it was okay. But to that Kanan simply answered in a strict tone while pointing at the ramp"Get to the Ghost you can't fight, you're hurt"

"Kanan...I sassist I'm...f-fine"Ezra shelp still panting. It was clear that he was in fairly a lot of pain but was forcinh himself to disregard it 

"No your not. Ezra please, go to the ship"Kanan shelp looking in his Padawan's  eyes  through the majority of problem. After a few second the boy sighed as he ran off to the ramp. 

"Guys acquire to the ship !, I'm ready to take off"Hera shelp over the com-link

"Alideal Spectre 2"Kanan said as Sabine and also Zeb went inside the ship, The Jedi following behind them. They jumped on the ramp and Ezra aided Zeb a little bit. When everyone was inside, the Ghold took off and also shortly saw hyperroom..


"Well that went well"Sabine sassist still panting a bit as she looked at the crates they loaded

"Yea..Yeah it actually did"Zeb agreed with a little chuckle. But the two Jedi maintained silent, Kanan turned to Ezra and also witnessed him heading to the ladder. The boy commonly had actually some sarcastic comment to add after a mission however this time he was entirely silent...

"And wright here execute you think you're going?"Kanan crossing his arms as Ezra answered "To my Cabin"

"Oh no you are going to the med-bay now"Kanan said with a mix of a worried and strict tone

"But Kanan I'm..."Ezra couldnt finnish, the world approximately him suddenly started blurring. He felt himself falling to the ground..

The younger boy was around to hit the ground yet Kanan cought him prior to he hit the floor. His eyes were full of problem as he looked at the trembling boy that was bacount awake in his arms. Suddenly Kanan felt something wet and close to his chest. He looked closer as his eyes widened...Ezra's arm was bleeding and also a lot...

"Ezra you didnt gain grazed, you got swarm !"Kanan yelled as he picked up his Padawan bridal style

"Ezra gained swarm, obtain Hera !"Kanan yelled aacquire to snap Sabine and also Zeb earlier to reality. They easily nodded in concern and also ran to the cockpit to gain the Twi'lek. Kanan started rushing to the med-bay..

"M-Master.. I ...can walk"Ezra said  trying to act confident but he was obviously forcing it.

"I wont be risking anything"Kanan shelp with a calming voice

Ezra opened up his mouth to argue yet retained quiet as soon as he saw Kanan's challenge. He then lowered his gaze in defeat.

Kanan smiled slightly seeing the boy not protrial and error. Soon they were inside of the med bay as He collection Ezra down on the bunk. Soon Hera came in via a worried expression as she rushed to the raven haired boy's side.

"Shirt off"Kanan shelp crossing his arms

"Huh ?"Ezra said suprised. His eyes suddenly verified intense worry, It was clear something was... bothering him.

"Ezra I shelp shirt off, currently."Kanan repeated even more clearly

"...Cant Hera simply stich it up if I roll up my sleve?"Ezra asked with eyes complete of hope, saying back

"No, Hera requirements a much better check out of your arm"The older Jedi sassist in a strict tone as the hurt boy continued protesting

"Ezra"Kanan interrupted him and looked at him with a right forward look

"...Fine"Ezra sassist in a nervous tone, his hands started shaking a little..

The raven haired boy took the top component of his suit off......and also Kanan and also Hera gasped. His entire chest including his arms was extended in miscellaneous scars. At that moment Sabine and also Zeb came in the med-bay...they observed Ezra's exposed top body as they simply froze in shock. Kanan and also Hera were still tright here, they didnt recognize what to execute or how to react. The female twi'lek pushed away her thoughts and also began functioning on Ezra's injury, it was a priority. But Kanan couldnt focus on anypoint else.

"Wright here....."Kanan began however Ezra stopped him prior to he can say anypoint else "I lived on the roadways Kanan, it has actually aftermath."

"But....still it shouldnt be this negative..."Sabine sassist as she gradually obtained closer to the bed Ezra was on

"Its Lothal  Sabine"Ezra answered

"Why Lothal specifically ?"Zeb asked crossing his arms, he was actually rather worried for the kid. He didnt expect this.

"You check out, Lothal is the worst location to be alone. It has the greatest number of violent situations.."Ezra sassist. Sabine couldnt aid her curiousity...yet she also just wanted to understand more around Ezra himself..

"You owe me one, after our mission last week. I acquired you out of the base that was falling acomponent and I desire something in return"Sabine said. Ezra turned his head to her via a elevated eyebrow "What?" he shelp plainly annoyed.

"I allude at a svehicle and also you tell us around it"Sabine said putting her arm fifty percent up. Ezra just sat tright here... he did owe her one "Fine"Ezra muttered. Sabine was taken a back a little, she intended the younger boy to refusage but she paused and sighed before pointing at a long svehicle on Ezra's back "This one ?". There was a minute of silence in the room.

"Can you pick another?"Ezra asked looking down "I really don't want to talk around that one"

The crew respected Ezra's answer. I mean they were being selfish at the moment. It was namong their business yet still...they were curious and also they wanted to assist someexactly how. Sabine nodded and also moved to another sauto, it was fairly tiny.

"A gang"Ezra said

"A Gang?"Kanan asked as Ezra looked at him in disbelief "You are in this as well ??" Ezra thought yet sighed, beginning to describe.

"I was through a gang...despite my age they embraced me, plus the younger you are the much less attention you draw. They knew I was various because I was force sensetive....They wanted to report that to the Realm after finding out and gain me arrested plus get some money out of it. But I figured it out before they did any damage to me and ran from them. Throughout my escape from among our meetings, among the guys in the gang had a blaster and also shot me but I maintained running. They tried to grab me and also then.....then was the initially time I supplied the pressure...I type of pressure pumelted them ameans. Thankfully I didnt expose wbelow I lived beforehand. After some time I discovered out they obtained arrested themselves so they left me alone"

"How ...old were you?"Zeb asked

"7. It taken place the exact same year my paleas were taken ameans...that svehicle was among my first"Ezra said looking dvery own at the mention of his parents

Everyone looked at their youngest member via sadness in their eyes. They kbrand-new this wasnt also the worst thing that taken place to him on the streets...

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