Star Wars Battlefront 2 is just one of the popular games that raise interest in all gaming individuals. After its release, users favored the game however after Windows 10 operating device update users began to challenge worries while playing the game such as incompatibility, lagging worries, installing & many others.

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Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a game that customers want to play without any type of problem. So, Don’t Worry, here you will certainly be offered a finish overview on just how to settle the concerns in Star Wars Battlefront 2 game. But prior to moving better to the fixes check out the system requirements for playing the game. If you do not accomplish the requirement then you may face errors while playing the game.

System Requirement for Playing Star Wars Battlefront 2:

How to Make Star Wars Battlefront 2 Work in Windows 10

#1 – Enable Stereo Mix

Tbelow are several individuals who encountered an issue through Star Wars Battlefront 2 in Windows 10 reported that by sindicate permitting Stereo Mix have the right to settle the worry. So try enabling Stereo Mix on Windows 10:

Right-click Speaker icon accessible at the task-barOpen Recording DevicesAfter it, you need to right-click on the empty space and also choose Sjust how Hidden devicesStereo Mix will certainly show up, right-click on it and also pick EnableIf you are unable to rotate on the Stereo Mix then it is certain that the audio driver is missing, so navigate to the Device Manager and confirm that your audio motorists are mounted effectively or not.


If you are a Steam user then follow the below-offered step:

Navigate to the Steam Library -> right-click the game -> go to Properties > Local Files tabAobtain, go to the Browse Local Files -> right-click the game executable -> Choose PropertiesChoose the Compatibility tab and then click the ‘Run this program as an administrator’ then ApplyReboot the Steam and then launch Star Wars Battlefront 2.

#6 – Update Windows and Install Latest Drivers

Be certain that you are using the latest version of Windows. Running outdated versions of OS may cause a number of issues, that contains game launch or crashes issues.

To update Windows, follow the procedures given below:

Go to Setups Click on Upday & Security > Windows Upday Click on the Check for updates

Whenever before you upday Windows it happens that the vehicle drivers obtain outdated or incompatible through your mechanism and also that leads to disturbances throughout the game. So you have to install the latest driver updates and for that, you need to click on inspect for updates. Make certain to launch the Device Manager to install the latest driver versions.

To update Nvidia driver you can visit the Microsoft main website or the manufacture website.

You have the right to additionally upday your driver by running Driver Easy. It will automatically update the driver and fix the connected concerns.

#7 – Reinstall the Game

Try reinstalling the game. If you are encountering issues while playing the game uninstall the game and then aobtain install it. This may assist you to remove game errors.

#8 – Shuttering Issue

Many players usage Direct X 12 are facing stuttering worries which make the gaming slow. At the same time, change the settings to solve the worry. Follow the steps to adjust the settings to DirectX11

While you’re in the game, go to Home Select the OptionsSelect the video.Scroll to the Enable DirectX 12 and also switch it Off.Rebegin the game

If you are utilizing dual DirectX 12 and also GPUS, then you must switch to DirectX 11 to avoid problems.

I hope that the fixes discussed over assisted you to resolve the Star Wars Battlefront2 issue. If you are unable to percreate the fixes then attempt running Game Booster to resolve the problem and also to improve the performance of the game.

It rises the game and to play it faster and smootherOptimizes the PC for responsive gameplayGet much better FPS rate


So, above were the problems that were stopping Star Wars Battlefront 2 to work-related on Windows 10.

I have actually noted the solutions that will certainly assist you to make Star Wars game work-related on Windows 10. Perform the above-pointed out fixes to overcome the concern.

If any type of concern that is unable to solve by the above-given solutions then attempt running the PC Repair Device.

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Sometimes it happens that Windows PC concerns cause the game error while playing.