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If you have a Spotify Premium subscription, you deserve to downpack your favorite tracks to play offline. While this is beneficial, it deserve to easily eat up your phone’s storage. From time to time, it’s well worth reviewing your downloaded music and also deleting any tracks you no much longer listen to. This deserve to aid totally free up area on your mobile device. Here we show you exactly how to manage your downlots making use of the Spotify mobile application for iOS and Android. 

If you’re an Android user, your gadget may assistance an outside SD card, which gives you more alternatives for storing your favorite tunes. If you have an Android smartphone or tablet with an external SD, we also present how to relocate your playlists onto this outside SD card. This enables you to totally free up a ton of area without having to sacrifice any type of of your music.

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How to delete downloaded Spotify songs on iPhone and also Android

If you’ve downloaded songs via the Spotify application, it’s easy to delete these songs from your phone’s storage:

1. Launch the Spotify application on your mobile gadget.

2. Tap the “Your Library” tab.

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3. Tap either “Playlists” or “Albums,” depending upon the content you desire to delete. All downloaded items will be presented via a little green symbol.

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