Spotify taking up space

When you play a song in Spotify, some difficult drive space is offered to cache the file, so that it plays quicker the next time it is selected.

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Is it feasible to clear the cache (without the usage of third party programs if obtainable eg CCleaner) to save on difficult drive space ?

A cross-platcreate answer would be nice if feasible (however is not essential).



Found on Lifehacker:

When you play a song on Spotify, it uses some of your tough drive space to cache that file for quicker playing later on. Here"s how to clear that cache if you need some added disk room.

By default, Spotify borders its cache to 10% of your totally free space, which implies the default establishing need to be okay—however if you"ve adjusted it, you can run into disk space troubles. All you have to carry out is delete the records in the adhering to folder (for your platform):

Windows: C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataLocalSpotifyStorage

OS X: /Users/USERNAME/Library/Caches/com.spotify.client/Storage/

Linux: ~/.cache/spotify/Storage/

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You deserve to readjust the maximum dimension of the cache so it doesn"t flourish so significant, and also the next time you start spotify it will shrink the cache down to the size you specify.

Cshed spotify, then open for editing and enhancing the prefs file which is at:

Windows1: %APPDATA%RoamingSpotifyprefs

Linux: $HOME/.config/spotify/prefs

Add or modify the line starting via storage.size to the variety of megabytes you desire the cache to use. For example:

storage.size=512To limit the cache to 512 MB.

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Restart spotify and the brand-new limit will certainly take effect (you"ll view the folder shrink dvery own to the mentioned dimension if it is already over it).

1 On Windows, the %APPDATA% folder is generally something favor C:Users\AppDocuments.

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