Speed intensifier ios 9

Tired of waiting for Apple to release the following iPhone to endure faster speeds? Luckily, there’s an application for that. Well, at least tbelow is if you are using a jaildamaged device.

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Speed Intensifier is a 2-component tweak that deserve to rate up your iPhone’s performance by shortening or completely rerelocating iOS animations. These transitional animations frequently happen when you open up a folder or window, and also deserve to really slow-moving you down as you bounce between apps…

This tweak is comparable to the FakeClockUp package we created around earlier in the year, yet there are some differences. This expansion actually has 2 sepaprice installs. One for your Settings.app and also the various other is a Winterboard add-on.

Both records deserve to be found in the insanelyi.com repo. For folks who don’t have actually the source installed already, just navigate to your Manage tab in Cydia, choose Sources, and include “http://repo.insanelyi.com.”

Once the brand-new repository is set up, perform a search for Speed Intensifier. You should see the application as well as the Speed Intensifier Addon. I recommend installing both of these, as the add-on compliments the major application rather well.

The add-on’s summary states that it breaks the restrictions that Apple imposes on the device to conserve your battery. It will make your iPhone’s processors operate as if it is plugged into the wall charging.

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Speed Intensifier is adjustable from your Setups app, where you deserve to readjust the speed of the tweak, as well as disable it. The add-on need to show up in Winterboard as 3 options: SI Underclock, Si Speedup, and Si overclock.


The developer clintends that you deserve to speed your devices as much as “dectuple level” between the 2 tweaks, and it doesn’t drain your battery. While I’d agree it certainly renders your iPhone seem a lot much faster, I don’t know if I’d concur that it doesn’t make your battery drain faster, mine certainly appeared to.

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I guess I will simply have to play with the settings to attempt and find a balance between great battery life and much faster iOS speeds. Both papers for Speed Intensifier are complimentary downloads if you’re looking to attempt it out. While I don’t have actually any proof to support this, I think that Speed Intensifier is faster and also more stable than the alternative.

Have you supplied Speed Intensifier yet? Do you like it or another application favor FakeClockUp?