First hour playing, tried looking and not sure how electricity travels. The wiki states block to block from my expertise, however this setup doesn't work for me. What am I doing wrong here?

That must be functioning. Power travels through any type of block.

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Can you screenshot the control panel watch for each solar panel and battery in that setup?

Late to the party, yet below goes.

Your power issue's been corrected, however your hydrogen problem could be also even more confutilizing. You need to hook an Oxygen Generator to your Medical Bay with Conveyors. this will provide the Medical Bay access to Oxygen and Hydrogen, which you deserve to refill by holding T on its interaction panel.

All blocks count as having actually interior wiring to connect any kind of connecting objects/blocks to each other power wise. You simply have to be on the same grid for that power to move automatically.

Power is supplied from/to any block on your ship/stations grid. Even Scaffolding can carry power as long as they are component of the main structure. Connectors deserve to likewise supply transport power when they are connected to one more connector, this is exceptionally advantageous from carrying power from your base station to the batteries on your little ships/rovers.

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Just observed your picture, inspect the settings on your battery to make sure namong the boxes are ticked. on this setting batteries will take power from solar or reactors as soon as it is easily accessible and discharge as required across your base. The just time you will need to collection a battery to discharge is as soon as your assembler or refinery screens the error "not enough power" once you mouse over the components. The only time i ever before usage the recharge mode is on my smaller sized ships as soon as they are associated to my solar farms/terminal as above

Too lazy to look with the comments yet you need a teacher to have actually a med bag work though it does not should be working if you have. Battery and solar panels it simply demands to be there


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