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This is the first time I enrespond to this problem. I can not boot from USB drive on a Sony Vaio PCG-21313M. I collection the exterior tool as initially option and also enabled it. Also I tested the usb (Windows 7) on various other laptops and it boots fine. The computer system does not boot appropriately not even in safe mode.

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I have actually experiences equivalent concern, then I uncovered Boot mode establishing in BIOS. It was collection on UEFI and also I readjusted it to Legacy and also it works!Hope it will assist you.



If your drive is bootable then follow this step.

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Go to bios by pressing "F2" on power on, to enter bios.On boot priority area enable "exterior boot".Set "external" as initially priority and "interior hdd" as last. by pushing "F5/F6"

I am certain it will certainly work-related, Make certain "interior hdd" is at last priority, bereason if it is not at some time it did not boot from "eternal" although it is set as initially priority. unwell-known result.

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If it did not work-related perhaps you may difficulty via your external drive or data(boot-sector).


I tried utilizing an ubuntu usb through no success. Then I tried making use of nolapic feature of ubuntu and also it ultimately booted as a digital machine, without installing. It let me backup my hdd. Hope this solution can assist someone.

Go to the BIOS and readjust your boot location (Removable Disk) and also Disable your Hard Drive. When complete your Windows 7 installation, go back to the BIOS and also Enable your Hard drive.

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