Sonic Gear Key PageSonic Cameos Page 2Sonic Cameos 3Sonic Cameos 4Sonic Cameos 5 Sonic Cameos 6 What execute you obtain once Sonic, or someone that is plainly intended to be a representation of him shows up in somepoint that"s NOT a Sonic display or game? You acquire a "Sonic Cameo"! These aren"t items, they"re depictions of Sonic or Sonic characters appearing external of anything wbelow you"d intend to discover him. Because Sonic is so well-known it"s no wonder that a range of different media recommendation him.

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Simpsons Episode ReferenceIn a Simpsons Episode, a (quite phony) "Wait until you"re married" message is parodied by Homer and also Marge. They then view a billboard with Sonic on it! The billboard states "Sonic the Hedgehog Says: wait until Marriage." Then it mirrors Sonic (via Tails" shoes on) proposing to Amy Rose. Info by: WG4EVERSimpsons Sonic Parody Youtube Footage- You deserve to watch the scene from the show by clicking the attach. Youtube video found by: Mariobro27
Drilllittle Taylor: Budget Plan BodyguardIn this comedy movie you can see a Sonic referral near the opening. Watch very closely for a Knuckles number. (it"s a Toy Island Talkin" significant one) In the opening scene of Drilllittle Taylor, where the youngsters are talking, you have the right to watch a Knuckles action number above among the kids" beds. Info by: WG4EVER , and screen capture by X_Hyper_Shadow_X
In the movie Wayne"s World close to the beginning they watch an ad for an arcade, and in the background, you can plainly view that Sonic 1 is being played. You deserve to watch the "Score Time and Rings" display screen in the top edge, and also a couple of rings and perhaps some green ground. It"s a very tiny recommendation, however it"s exciting to capture it in this older 1990s era movie.
Sonic the Hedgehog made a cameo on The Simpsons!

You deserve to see a type of reflection of a Sonic-favor guy to the best of the photo. Although he does look "Simpsons-Styled". Mario and also Luigi are funny looking here as well...The characters are trying to gain Bart to steal a video clip game. Episode #139 (Seakid 7) "Marge Be Not Proud". You can check out even more around the episode here: http://www.tv.com/the-simpsons/marge-be-not-proud/episode/1424/triby means of.html Info courtesy of Steven Matarazzo.

The Simpsons recommendation Sonic once aobtain.In the latest Simpsons game, you have the right to actually find a parody of Sonic. He"s running (slowly) on a wheel to geneprice electrical power and will say to you "That Shadow is the nicest man, so misconstrued." Do you have this Simpsons game? It must be in the level "The Cheatrix". Info by: WG4EVERIn the 2nd video, it reflects part of the finishing. A Sonic-Like character have the right to be seen at leastern twice among the crowd of people escaping Springarea. (It is spoiler-like for the game, so don"t click if you dont desire spoiled) 2nd Video Discovered by

Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends- Episode Destination: Imagicountry featured video game parodies prefer Mario and also the idea of RPGs wbelow you look through people"s homes/belongings uninvited.. Sonic is just one of the paropassed away games if only in a small means. (An emerald which has actually a cute pet in it) Info provided by MB27, connect by BlueBomber

Strongbad"s Cool Game for Attractive People (8 little bit enough) has actually video game parodies in it. It is very likely that Sonic is parodied in right here as well. If you have actually the game, and something Sonic shows up in it, send in a screen-cap for credit right here. Info offered by MB27

Stinkomale 20X7 Visual References- Screenshots neededAfter beating The Liekand in Level 6, it transdevelops into a rat. This might be a referral to the Sonic the Hedgehog series for the Sega Genesis, in which beat enemies nearly always revealed their power sources, which were miscellaneous pets.The "Shadowy Figure"s fleet" (The Level 9 enemies) is a reference to Sonic Heroes, in which the Egg Fleet was modeled after fish. Want to play Stinkoman? You have the right to at Home Star RunnerThe "Jaro" looks extremely comparable to the "Red Eye" mini-boss in the Death Egg level from Sonic & Knuckles.Info offered by MB27

Jingle All The Way- (a Christmas movie) has actually a Sonic cameo in it. He appears in the massive Winter parade at the finish of the movie. jiyuushikan.org needs a display shot of this appearance. Info added by: firedragon973

Homestar Runner the internet cartoon/game/comedy site recommendations Sonic in the episode dubbed "Kick a Ball". When choosing that will go initially to choose their team-mates a coin toss is hosted. Homestar (as soon as asked to call it) yells "Sonic! I expect Tails!" You can view this at HomeStar Runner . Info offered by: Mariobro27

The present HiHi Puffy Ami Yumi had actually a Sonic parody in one of the episodes. "Camping Caper. It featured one of the Main personalities being obsessed with Video Gamings and her friend being captured. she conserves her utilizing her VG understanding. They Parody Sonic by reflecting her go over a Loop-de-Loop sonic style." Contributed by MB27

This is a screenshot of the Illbleed game.There"s a demon in it at one allude, but it"s plainly made to resemble Sonic. Here, a character deals with off vs. it so you can watch it"s navy blue, wearing white gloves, having actually a somewhat Sonic-shaped body, it has the mono eye with green eyes,

and similarity via the reduced challenge. Instead of spikes though, it has bat wings, plus another pair on the back. It may have actually been called Zodric the Hellhog and if you hit it, rings come out. It"s exciting that someone would certainly design an adversary monster after Sonic. Video discovered by AutobotwheelieWith this video you deserve to view it rolls around and rings come out as it fights. It is likewise amazing to note Ryan Drummond did the voice for it.

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This is a display screen swarm from the selection screen of Wacky Worlds the game.You deserve to watch Sonic in the middle, flying in a UFO. Since the game was partly made by Sega, Sonic was also playable, making for a true cameo appearance below. Photograph found by #XThis is a cameo from Christmas NiGHTS. NiGHTS itself was a SonicTeam game for the Sarotate that didn"t gain that much play (despite being incredibly distinctive and also amazing for its time) as a result of low levels of Sarotate ownership. This is Christmas NiGHTS though, a distinct gift-disk that was just obtainable if you bought a magazine at a certain time. It featured unlockable "gifts" consisting of art, music playbacks and the ability to run the level as Reala (an evil nightmaren, vaguely similar in framework to NiGHTS) and also as NiGHTS itself in Christmas layout...skin.The "massive bonus" that warrented many hype was you can open up a gift to play as Sonic in the game"s single level. This was among the initially times he appeared in real 3D, and the design is fairly polygonal, yet still looks ok. He jumps super high to consist of for the truth that he

cannot fly (and the level is constructed for flying) If you have the right to beat the level you gain to fight a boss, which looks like a holiday design template Eggmale...though it is a reskin of the regular NiGHTS boss "Puffy" (Puffy was a ball-shaped opera-singing rablittle favor woman) In this instance, she"s re-skinned to look prefer Eggguy and you need to throw him with the exact same walls to trap him at the finish of a curving hall. It was a impressive cameo at the moment, made even even more exclusive by the rarity of the actual Christmas NiGHTS disk. The disk is in the jiyuushikan.org personal repertoire. Video cameo found by AutobotWheelie.

The musical rythmn game Samba De Amigo was likewise worked on by SonicTeam, so it"s not much a wonder that Sonic would have the ability to make a cameo appearance tbelow. With this screenswarm you can watch him dancing near Amigo, the cubic moncrucial & star of the game. They"re in a Sonic 1 favor Eco-friendly Hill kind of establishing, finish through totem pole, sun freduced, loop, and ring monitor. In the background you deserve to spot some wii miis and also even a Chao. It"s cool to watch they"ve worked Sonic in when again!Info:In Career mode, after beating normal mode you unlock hard mode. The first set of Songs in difficult mode is referred to as "Sonic"s challenge". Sonic"s challenge consists of thesongs "Mambo #5", "Low Rider" and also "Un Aguardiente". All three songs take area in green hill zone and also have actually Sonic dancing alongside Amigo. The Chao appear in multiple various other levels periodically driving flying saucers. Tright here is likewise a collection of Sonic dance sounds that have the right to be unlocked if you clear the song "Jump In The Line" in Amigo"s Challenge Screenswarm & included details by SonicToast This is a part of an episode of Gap Ghost Coast to Coast, a kind of talk present parody, held by the somewhat-animated Gap Ghost. He attpempts to intercheck out assorted civilization with help/non-assist from Zorak and also Moltar. With this rare episode (the rights are under a conflict, so it was not released to DVD with the rest of them) you deserve to capture Gap Ghold playing Sonic & Knuckles, once he thinks no one is watching. Disextended by MarioBro27
Can you spot the cameo here? It"s really small and also unexpected! You have the right to view Japan art style Tails ( a classical stock art) of him, on the side of this drum! The monkey-drummer isn"t really a bootleg per se, however the drum did most likely rip the art off, as it clearly has actually nothing to do through Sonic or Sega. So where could you check out this monkey toy thing? It appears in the transition/bumpers between show and also commercials of Russel Howard"s Good News, which is a Brittish comedy present. Isn"t it curious wright here points prefer this have the right to appear! Spotted & display screen capped by NazoTheDragon