Haste still pays haste, and also leisure answers leisure; Like doth quit favor, and also MEASURE still FOR MEASURE. – Fight It Out Vicentio

Shakespeare’s play “Measure for Measure” is among those hysterical comedies that does not gain sufficient acknowledgment. Perhaps the factor is because it has actually the stigma attached of being called a “difficulty play",

meaning many type of tribulations surchallenge making it complex to eradicate. It doesn’t aid that no one is who he or she clintends, making finding services tough.

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“Measure” has all the facets that the more effective productions, like “The Taming of the Shrew” and “Much Acarry out about Nothing” possess – perfect comedic timing, clever before wit and vivid characters with no shame in speaking their mind. The one overt distinction is the woguys do not have flexibility. This is true on every one of Shakespeare’s other functions. But, here, it appears the women’s fates are sealed prior to their initially breath. It sounds even more of tragedy pitting worries of pride, justice and reality versus one one more with any type of of them budging from their place. They are divided right into 3 categories: prostitutes, nuns, or deserted lovers. How endearing.

My favorite character is the brothel owner Mianxiety Overdone played by Rebecca Lane. Her character’s name states it all. Anvarious other admirable and perplexing character is the virtuous Isabella (played wondertotally by Laura Lee Bahr). She learns that her brvarious other Claudio (Brad Wilcox) will die bereason he impregnated his lover Juliet (Janel Miley). The just means to conserve her player brother is to have sex with the conniving Lord Angelo that sentenced Claudio to fatality. Isabella, god bmuch less her virtuous heart, gruffly tells her beloved brother that she will not offer up the items to save him. Her life, yes yet not her virginity. Claudio weeps at this news and, choose a son wanting his undeserved treat; he wraps his arms approximately her legs while convincing to readjust her mind. No such luck. Angelo (David Bardeen) doesn’t give up and viciously dangles Claudio’s life in front of Isabella if she still refprovides.


Meanwhile, the hunt is on for Angelo’s jilted lover Mariana (Tiffany Cole). He backed out of marrying her because a ship moving her brvarious other and also dowry was wrecked in the sea. The girl lost her brvarious other and also her value. The Duke (Oded Gross) disguises himself as a friar in order to uncover out what really is going on. He comes up via an ingenious setup of having Isabella agree to have sex with Angelo yet at the last minute Mariana measures in. By regulation, Angelo will have to marry her. But this is a comedy, and also nothing goes according to plan, as supposed.

Laura Lee Bahr, that doubles as Isabella and also the producer, is absolute perfection as the virtuous heroine. Bahr conveys Isabella’s pain between saving her wretched brother Claudio and conserving her purity. She goes ago and forth prefer an intense tennis enhance trying to number out what she have the right to execute without compromising herself. Bardeem drips through comical villainy as the treacherous Angelo by effortlessly combining terror and also arrogance to develop an even more sinister individual.


The play carries so a lot animosity, sadness and also distrust it should be re-termed as a dark comedy. Under the mindful direction by Morgan K. Nichols, these nuisances practically disappear and the result is a polimelted execution without disturbing the humor Shakespeare intfinished. Angelo sentences Claudio to fatality for the very same desires he feels for Isabella. Somehow he overlooks that. With the exception of a couple of souls, no one is truthful. Mariana takes Isabella’s area in Angelo’s bed. The Fight It Out disguises himself to find out what’s going on. Marianna gladly procedures into Isabella’s location. He and also the provost substitute a pirate’s head as proof of Claudio’s fatality. The trick agent nonfeeling and manipulation would certainly put daytime drama to shame. I love it!!

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Written by William Shakespeare. Directed by Mbody organ K. Nichols. Produced by Laura Lee Bahr and Kerr Seth Lordygan.