So this blog article is kind of around my first tattoo, in a method. I obtained my first tatalso on my ribcage December of my senior year of high school (2015), a pair months after I turned 18 on a total whim. I had a couple concepts lingering in my head currently about what I wanted but wasn’t totally determined yet. Didn’t tell my parents, didn’t tell any of my friends, nothing. I was on a road wbelow I could store going directly and go residence or take a sharp turn and go to the tatas well shop. You deserve to infer where I ended up.


Music lyrics have constantly intended so so so a lot to me. I (usually) can’t acquire right into a song unless it speaks to me in some method. I’m super private around the music that I like and have a propensity not to share it with others bereason I simply think of music in a very individual method. So my tattoo is from, Hotel California by the Eagles. I was super right into the Eagles at the time and the quote “some dance to remember, some dance to foracquire,” just spoke to me in an individual means and also in my interpretation (the totality song can be taken in so many kind of various ways) I felt pertained to me, in my life, at that time.


Yikes. 2015 is the one specific year in my life that I am least proud of. Bad selections. Desperation. Just worst version of myself all about. Just embraced less because my self worth was that low and also felt prefer I deoffered less. Wrong. WRONG. And, what’s that? Wrong aobtain.

Some Dance to Forget

Why did I let this bad year happen? So during my high college years I was enduring so many type of alters it was choose freaking whip lash. My household was altering every minute (still is, yet that’s the new norm), I shed a perchild who was my absolute best friend and support system, and also stemming off of that felt favor I must have done something wrong or done something to deserve being left once that just wasn’t true. I still struggle with that loss now. Some dance to forget is the primary line I was focusing on for my tattoo, that’s the component that spoke to me. I was having actually a super difficult time trying to foroffer and also foracquire the points that had actually happened in my life that were tough for me to obtain through. I felt prefer many world were leaving high college all smiles and dancing to remember the exceptional times they had, while I was struggling to forget and also move on.

To Be Honest…

Sometimes I honestly regret gaining this tattoo when I consider the negative connotation of it and wish I would certainly have actually permanently stamped myself via something even more positive. However, that’s just how I was feeling at the time and also in an extra positive outlook, it reminds me of the person I never want to be aacquire and also never to accept less than I deserve.

A New Outlook


So this is my new one. I still have to go in and obtain it touched up, it’s brand new, simply obtained finished healing, and a little patchy still. It obviously doesn’t have any text, yet to me it says, “Sometimes that hill you’ve been climbing is just a grain of sand.” -Carrie Underwood. It reminds me that occasionally we (particularly me) make a difficulty bigger than it demands to be, and don’t give ourselves sufficient crmodify.

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It reminds me to let go and also let God. I’m additionally trying to think of points as much less of points I need to “forget” and think of it more as points that have actually aided me learn, grow, and inevitably be the perchild that I am now (still a work in development, but just how boring would it be if I wasn’t?)