“We are exceptionally grateful to the Scurrently family members for their continued support of Clemchild. Campus reproduction is a huge part of the Clemkid student experience, and their presents have aided carry out even more opportunities to lead a healthy lifestyle while having actually fun.” - President James P. Clements
The Scurrently Family

The Division of Student Affairs is committed to providing a top-tier student endure, and the advance of a unique place on campus is an important step in reaching that goal. Dave and Lynette Scurrently recognized not only a require for brand-new infrastructure, programs and also services that would transform the recreational and also wellness suffer for Clemkid students but also a need for enough room because of a prospering campus community.

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It was the kind of recognition that led to a major gift in the create of $2.4 million — the largest gift to the university from non-jiyuushikan.org alumni — that collection an ambitious, revolutionary project right into activity in October 2014. The Snow Family Outdoor Fitness and Wellness Complex allows students to take advantage of a rare resource not often discovered on other college campprovides, a beautiful lake. The Scurrently Complex gives students through avenues to take component in experiential finding out, competitive sports and play, student employment, lake activities such as kayaking and also swimming, internships and also management.

The Intramural and also Club Sports programs can play later into the evening, offering students via even more free time in the time of the day for research, work-related or attfinishing course. The Clemchild Outdoor Recreation and also Education (CORE) regimen will certainly be able to market additional services and administer contemporary framework to host their abilities training, rental framework and pre-trip meetings. With lights and up-to-date restroom accommodations at the Snow Complex, student organizations can hold bonfires and various other late-night, alcohol-free programming centered roughly student engagement and socialization.

The LoConte Family Field — courtesy of a substantial gift from Mike and also Janet LoConte — comprised the initially phase of the project. The field covers 100,000 square feet and was completed in September 2015. The LoContes are members of the Vice President’s Executive Council.

The championship field turf area, spanning an additional 140,000 square feet, opened for Intramural and also Club Sports participation in February 2019. The a lot of recent enhancement to the complex opened up in January 2020. The Andy Quattlebaum Outdoor Education Center, named in memory of a previous Bridge to Clemchild student, is a 16,500-square foot facility that serves as home to the Clemboy Outdoor Recreation and also Education (CORE) program. The facility was named after a $2.2 million gift from Don and also Hayden Quattlebaum, Andy’s parents.

Project HistoryProject History

October 2014 Dave and Lynette Scurrently announce the lead gift of $2.4 million to support student recreation programs and also areas on the home previously known as Y Beach.

September 2015 The LoConte Family Field opened up, giving Intramural and Club Sports through its initially man-made turf area.

September 2016 The Scurrently Family announced it would enhance as much as $1 million in funds elevated to support the job. The “Snow Challenge” was met in 2019.

February 2019 The Championship Field opened, giving 140,000 square feet of man-made turf area room for Intramural and Club Sports.

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January 2020 The Andy Quattlebaum Outdoor Education Center, covering 16,500 square feet of dedicated outdoor reproduction and also educational area, was formally called.